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Soft & Dri Review


Soft & Dri Review

September or not, we are still reaching some pretty warm temps here and I for one would like to stay Summer Fresh all year long. Am I right? I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite deodorants that I rely on. Soft & Dri is a brand that I have always used so I was excited to try out these pretty in pink containers full of awesome! Soft & Dri allows women to let their confidence and beauty shine through by protecting them from wetness and odor all day, every day. Whether you choose our Dri Gel, Aerosol, Clinical Protection, or Aluminum Free deodorant, Soft & Dri is gentle on skin, goes on clear without any residue and won’t break the bank with prices ranging from $3.99 to $5.99.

CLINICAL PROTECTION AEROSOL //  Soft & Dri’s® continuous odor and wetness blocking technology is formulated with the highest level of active ingredient for proven maximum strength wetness protection. Odor fighting capsules are activated by moisture to release fragrance all day. Fresh scent leaves you feeling soft, fresh and dry. This one is in the ‘Everfresh Blossom’ scent and can I just tell you that it is absolutely amazing. I love when deodorant has the super FRESH scent and this totally does. I got all day use out of it and that was even with a workout! No sweat stains, no residue, and I had all of the confidence that I was protected.

DRI GEL  //  Soft & Dri® Dri Gel Antiperspirant glides on feeling cool and refreshing. Our unique no-residue formula glides on smoothly and evenly, leaving a clean sensation of soft but superior all-day protection. The confidence you rely on from the brand that never disappoints you. This one comes in the ‘Soft Scent’ and it’s equally as amazing. I love that this is in gel form and it doesn’t leave you wet like other gel deodorants. It absorbs quickly and lasts all day.

No matter what form or scent you prefer, feel confident that Soft and Dri® will be gentle on your skin while keeping you dry and fresh all day long so you are ready for anything life throws your way. Check out your local drugstores and mass market retail shops!


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