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Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Extra Strength Hair Serum

The Best Hair Serum

Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Extra Strength Hair Serum

Do you suffer from frizz? I definitely do and I am always looking for products to tame the crazy frizz party that seems to happen on my head. I’m sort of a serum junkie and it doesn’t just mean for skincare, hair serums are some of my favorite things. I was excited to try out the Zero Frizz Keratin Corrective Hair Serum. The Zero Frizz Science of Smooth Technology “instantly diagnoses the cause of your hair’s frizzy condition and corrects it completely using a proprietary combinations of ceramide, proteins and vitamins to instantly smooth and seal the hair shaft.

Let me just tell you, this is like holy grail in a bottle for us frizzy ladies. I’ve been using it on both damp and dry hair to be proactive and I’ve watched the frizz party slowly disembark. You can take the tiniest amount in the palm of your hand, even smaller then pea sized, and rub your palms together and apply to your hair from root to tip, concentrating on sections that you know get frizzy, which for me is the mid-section. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any sort of greasy after effect, It’s enriched with keratin and contains silicone and UV protection to strengthen and protect damaged hair. My hair is left looking smoother, zero frizz and feeling silky. I use it about every other day and it seems to last well. For reference, I have short, color-treated, fine and dry hair. I think it’d work well for those with thicker hair too, it is extra-strength after all. The best part about this product is the super low price, it’s available for $5.95 HERE or at most of your local drugstores!

What do you think? Do you have frizzy hair? Is this a product you’re going to try out? Let me know!

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