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Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Review


Get voluminous hair with Big Sexy Hair  Powder Play!

A few months back my hair stylist was giving me some much needed volume tips, you see I have thin and flat hair so I am always in need of tips and I love trying out new products to add to my list of the best volume products. She recommended that I give Big Sexy Hair Powder Play a try and I promptly grabbed one after seeing it in use when she was through styling my hair.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play is a volumizing and texturizing product that instantly liquefies when applied allowing hair to absorb the product and provide full, voluminous hair that everyone wants. Ideal for instant volume on dry hair it is the fastest, easiest way to get big sexy hair in a few seconds! It is weightless, odorless and colorless on any hair color and is great for adding texture.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Review

Like I said, I have thin and flat hair. This powder when applied directly to my root gives me a much needed boost of volume. My hair appears fuller and has some shape on the root. It gives me some height on it’s own but when I really want extra volume, I will take my teasing brush and tease my hair, (follow these easy steps for how to tease your hair) and then add some of the powder play to my roots and flip my hair upside down and gently rub the product in. You can use this on the root before styling and even add a little bit of dry texture spray for a huge boost.

Don’t be alarmed by the feeling you will get when the powder absorbs, it’s a little tacky but doesn’t effect your style and you can’t tell by looking at it. So I don’t consider it a con because someone would physically need to touch your hair to feel the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. If you have fine and limp hair, this is for you. I think it’d work out for thicker hair as well to add some texture. A small amount goes a long way with this and it works more effectively than any other products I have tried. Style with this and spritz with a small amount of hairspray. Voila, instant volume!

You can pick it up here for $16.95 or grab yourself a trial size to try out and see if you like it!

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