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Super Easy Curls for Straight Hair


Get & Keep A Curl for the short haired gal! #SallyBeauty

I have been trying to give myself curly hair since I was a teenager, that whole we always want what we can’t have thing, and all? I’ve always had baby fine, thin and straight hair. I can tell you that I have tried tool after tool and product after product. I’ve tried when I had long hair, medium length hair and here I am with an angled bob, still trying. I’ve watched youtube videos, read tutorials and even asked my stylist. No matter what, I’d get a curl to hold for about 30 minutes and it’d fall flat. I knew that if I wanted curls, for me, I’d have to think outside the box. I think I have finally perfected the look though. A few styling tools and an arsenal of super amazing products and I’ve been able to get and keep a curl that lasts all day and even looks pretty epic on day two!

How to get and keep a curl all day with stick straight hair! #SallyBeauty

You’re going to need a few products for this to work and get your curl to keep, some of you may need less but if you’re like me you just want to go ahead and get it all at once just in case. 

Styling Products: (all of these can be picked up from your local Sally Beauty!)

  • Ion Dry Shampoo – this is going to get you the texture that you need.
  • Teasing Brush – you want this for volume.
  • Thermal Freeze Spray – this stuff is my jam, I am obsessed with it. It really locks in the curls!
  • Hairspray – you know us Jersey gals love our hairspray!
  • Hair Clips – the easiest way to get your hair separated into easy sections.

Get & Keep A Curl with these secret weapon styling tools! #SallyBeauty

Don’t think I am crazy with all of my tools, just hear me out. So like I said, I have literally tried everything but I just can’t hold a curl.  I was sitting around one day thinking to myself, I wonder what’d happen if I tried to use all of them. Could I get some volume, a better formed curl and would it last? One of my biggest issues with keeping the curl is that I lacked volume, so everything just felt heavy and pulled down which I feel like caused the curl to fall, starting at the root. Using these tools together, helped my curl form and stay.

The Styling Tools: 

  • Get the curl: To get your curl in the perfect shape a tapered curling iron like this one from Hot Shot Tools is your new best friend. It’s super easy (and comes with a glove so you don’t burn your fingers) to wrap your hair around this in sections to form the perfect curl. I have an obsession with pink, so I was in love with this. The cord is swivel based so it’s easy to maneuver when you’re forming the curls.
  • Add volume: This is the best trick I have found that really will add volume to your hair and make your curls look super bouncy. You’re definitely going to want to grab the  Gold ‘N Hot Triple Barrel Waver. You can also use this for beach waves matched with some sea salt spray.
  • The Secret Weapon: You want to grab a flat iron for this, I am head over heels in love with the 1″ GVP Hot Pink Flat Iron, one because it’s hot pink, two because when used just for straightening it’s super quick and pretty amazing but three, and this is the best part: it locks these curls into place like nobody’s business. The heat settings on this baby are amazing, it also leaves my hair super shiny.

Super Easy Curls for Straight Hair #SallyBeauty

Step One: Clearly you’re going to want to start with dry hair, I find that clean hair maybe isn’t the best to work with when it comes to curling so I suggest trying this style on day two or day three hair. Now, if you’re set and want to do it immediately after showering, let your hair air dry and spray some dry shampoo into it which will help to give it texture. You’re going to do that step either way, you want the styling tools to have something to hang on to and you want your hair to be a little rough, so grab your favorite dry shampoo and spray it on your roots and run your fingers through your hair. Grab yourself some duckbill clips, you’re going to need these for sectioning.

Step Two: Take your duckbill clips and separate your hair into sections. You’re going to want to work from the bottom up. I suggest three or four sections in total.

Step Three: Take about 1″ sections and use your tapered curling iron to form the curl. Do this all the way around your head before letting down another section. It’s super easy, just wrap each piece around the iron. Do not separate the curls, let them cool off. Spray them with a little bit of your freeze spray. Move on to the next section and repeat until you have the desired amount of curls.

Step Four: This is what your hair is going to look like before you go ahead and move on to the final steps, take a little break to let the curls cool down. You’re going to want to lock in the curl and get yourself some volume. Grab your teasing comb and your barrel waver. Tease the hair at the crown of your head just a bit (this step is optional, if you already have volume skip the tease) and use the barrel waver to lock in the curl at the root. Grip your hair in the barrel waver, gently, for about 10 seconds, that will lock in the volume and keep the curl bouncy from the root.

Step Five: At this point your curls are cooled down enough and you’re wanting to get them separated for a bouncier look. I want you to flip your hair over and shake it. Yes, shake. Get a little crazy. Have a dance party. Spray it with some hairspray. When you flip your head back over, separate each curl with your fingers, whatever you do, do not put a comb or a brush through your hair. It will wreck the curl, I promise.

Step Six: Easy enough to be done in six steps? Yep! Grab that flat iron, your new bestie, and use it to shape any curls that maybe don’t look as refined as your want them. If you’re planning to pin a little poof back like I have you can also use the straightener on a bit of bangs to make it easier to manage and style. Spray the heck out of it with some hairspray (you want a touchable hold) and you’re good to go.

Optional: All of the funny faces 😉


I’ve gotta say, I am kind of obsessed with these messy curls. It works really well for straight hair, superbly for a bob cut and even better if your hair is thin and fine like mine. It would not be possible without the amazing styling tools that Sally Beauty has to offer. Sally Beauty is the authority for hair carrying over 5,000 products across hair care, color, styling tools and accessories. With more than 2.800 stores you can totally find one near you and you should! Sally Beauty is having a Styling Tools Blowout Sale! Over 100 styling tools are on sale in October.

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For reference, this is a photo I posted to Instagram about 5 hours after having done the style. You can tell that the curls have stayed in placed, formed and bouncy! Let me know what you think!

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