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DIY Gold Glitter Desk Accessory


**the Glitter Diaries is a new series here on Hairspray and Highheels where we will be sharing glitter oriented craft projects. Glitter is my love language so I thought it would be awesome to kick it off with Paige’s project! LOVE it. 

Hi everyone! It’s Paige from A Dose of Paige again! If it’s been too long and you’re over there saying “who the heck is this chick?” you may remember my post from last month where I shared this simple fall outfit using a DIY infinity scarf.

Me and Ange did some talking and we decided it’d be more fun for me to share some DIY projects on her blog, since I stay buried in craft supplies. So, today I thought I’d share this Glitter Desk Accessory with you guys! It’s insanely easy to make and it recycles some of those old candle jars you have lying around the house. Win win, right?

I plan to share at least one DIY project a month over here and I’d love to hear your ideas for ones that you’d like to see! If you’ve got any, be sure to let me know!

But let’s get into this one.

This glitter desk accessory is perfect for adding some glam to your desk area and it recycles some things you probably have on hand!


Here’s what you need for this one:


  • Empty Candlejar. I used a Bath and Body Works one. If you need to know how to remove the wax, check out my tutorial here.
  • Sharpie in choice color
  • Glitter in choice color
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Acrylic Sealing Spray

Optional Supplies:

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • Bowl/Cup for Mod Podge

After you’ve removed the wax, it’s time to draw on your design with your sharpie. I used painter’s tape to mark off where I wanted my straight lines to go. Then I just drew in a very simple design. (I’m not great at drawing, lets be real.)


Then it’s time for the glitter.

Paint the INSIDE of your candle jar with mod podge, then sprinkle the glitter in and then pour out the excess. I recommend having a bowl/small cup to pour your mod podge in because you will likely get glitter in it and you don’t want to get glitter in the whole tub of product.

You will have to turn and twist your jar to completely cover the inside.



Once that layer dries, paint over it with more mod podge and sprinkle your glitter in and then pour it out. Let that layer dry.

If it’s STILL not opaque enough, do another layer. You can really do as many as you want. I wanted mine to be completely covered in glitter, so I did a few layers.

candle5Once your last layer of glitter dries, do one more layer of mod podge to seal all the glitter in. Then it needs to dry. I let mine sit overnight. Then the next morning, I traced over my sharpie marks one more time and then took it outside to spray it with my acrylic spray all over. This will help keep your sharpie design from rubbing off over time and it helps make the whole thing waterproof.

I wouldn’t recommend dish washing this, but minor water will be okay.

Then just fill with what you want! I used mine to hold all my sharpies, but it’s also a great makeup brush holder!


Cute right? Even though I’m not the best artist!

What would you use yours for? I can’t wait to make myself some more!


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