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NEW! Bellashoot App

NEW! Bellashoot App

Have you all ever heard of Bellashoot? I have been on their website for a little over a year and it’s sort of like the beauty girls land of fabulousness! I am obsessed with browsing their site and following some of my favorite beauty bloggers. I’m super excited to announce that they have released an app! BELLASHOOT PUTS THE WORLD OF BEAUTY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND!

Bellashoot, a popular social hub for beauty experts, brands and enthusiasts, has launched a format to bring the beauty community together in one seamlessly integrated destination with the announcement of its first native iOS app for iPhone & iPad. The first of its kind, Bellashoot is designed for beauty lovers from around the world to organize all of their favorite products, tutorials and inspiration while also sharing their own content and building relationships. Designed for everyone from veteran makeup artists looking to share their latest tutorial to the everyday beauty enthusiast seeking tips as she’s getting ready to go out on the town, Bellashoot is an outlet for beauty lovers from all walks of life!

NEW! Bellashoot App

As a member of the Bellashoot community the app will gain you a number of benefits, including:
• Members can filter their search with a variety of keywords, such as tutorials, inspiration, beauty tips, beauty news, blogger reviews,
YouTube videos, nails, makeup tips, hairstyles, and more.
• The built-in camera functionality allows users to take product pictures, selfies and create beauty tutorials on-the-go, making it easy for
them to share with the community in a matter of minutes.
• Easily find all of their favorite makeup artists, bloggers, hairstylists, and beauty brands and follow them all in one centralized app, never
having to miss another post again.
• Create a space to store all their favorite beauty tips and products with custom collections created around their specific beauty interests,
whether it’s hairstyles, nail art, bridal makeup, contour makeup or more.

It is by far one of my absolute favorite apps to use as of late! I am constantly browsing for inspiration and seeing what some of my favorites gals are up to!

NEW! Bellashoot App

To join Bellashoot’s one-stop platform for beauty lovers across the globe, share what you find, get discovered, find new beauty favorites and
more, simply download the free app by visiting iTunes here. And make sure you’re following me here.

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