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Sandra Lynn | What’s In My Purse Video Exclusive

What's In My Purse | Exclusive Video with Sandra Lynn
I have talked about my love of country music before and it’s something that is such a huge part of my life. Nine times out of ten, when it’s time for me to sit down and churn out some posts for Hairspray and Highheels; country music is what will be blaring in the background. I don’t know what it is, I just connect to it on some other level. So when given the opportunity to share with y’all the inside of of a country stars handbag you can bet your pretty cowgirl boots that I jumped on it. Not only do I love country music so finding a new star to listen to has been a blast but I also have this crazy fascination with seeing what is inside of other peoples bags. Sandra Lynn is a Nashville based country singer and she’s released her Debut EP, which you can find here

I’ve showed you my Fall Handbag Essentials and I’m excited to show you exactly what’s in country star Sandra Lynn’s purse + I got to ask her some questions about her beauty routine and get some advice for y’all so go ahead and watch the video and then check out our interview below it!

ME: How do you manage a beauty routine with such a busy schedule?

SANDRA LYNN: My mom is a Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, which is one of the reasons I am so familiar with the products and love using it! She started selling the cosmetics and skincare line when I was in jr. high school, and ever since then, she has taught me the importance of taking care of your skin. Plus, I’ve always been a girly-girl in the sense that I’ve always loved makeup, and so even at times when my schedule starts to get a little hectic, I always make a little time for skincare & makeup.

ME: What are some of the makeup items that you use when you’re at home and doing your makeup yourself?

SANDRA LYNN: I really love using Mary Kay makeup. I absolutely love their Ultimate Performance mascara—it doesn’t clump or run, and I also won’t leave the house without putting on Mary Kay’s mineral powder foundation. I feel like it gives me good coverage, that never feels too heavy on my skin.

ME: What tips would you give to the everyday busy woman?

SANDRA LYNN: I would say whether you’re a makeup person or not, be kind to your face and skin by protecting it with things like a little SPF from any possible sun exposure you may get throughout the day as well as keeping it well hydrated. You and your skin will be thankful down the road that you put those quick products on in the morning.

ME: With so many options for makeup and facial care, how did you find your favorites?

SANDRA LYNN: As mentioned above, since my mom is a Sr. Sales Director for Mary Kay, I always got to try all of the new skincare products and different makeup items they would come out with. That quick access to not only new, but great products made it easy for me to pretty much use all of their makeup and skincare items.

ME: In your “Hangin’ Witchu” lyric video (my favorite, by the way) what gorgeous pink lipstick are you wearing? (NOTE: Click the link and check out the video, the lipstick is awesome but the song is amazing!!!)

SANDRA LYNN: Thank you so much!!! The lipstick I’m wearing in that lyric video is called “Pink Passion” by Mary Kay Cosmetics, with a little clear lip gloss added on top of it.

ME: Are there any makeup items you use for more than one purpose to cut down your beauty routine time?

SANDRA LYNN: Definitely. For example, I love taking my shimmering bronzer that I’ll put on my cheekbones and also wear it as a lighter color/highlight shade on my eyes.

ME: This isn’t beauty related but as a huge country music fan, I couldn’t not ask.. What is your favorite venue that you have played so far?

SANDRA LYNN: Woohoo! Yay for country music fans!! 😉 There have been some pretty cool venues I feel so blessed to have gotten to play thus far, but I have to say my favorite was playing the House of Blues in New Orleans for an amazing charity event, opening for Kenny Chesney earlier this year. The intimacy of the venue and the energy of the crowd was so invigorating!

I really enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Sandra Lynn, she seems so down to earth and super sweet! I bet shes going to do big things and I hope to be able to see her live one day. She’s definitely a new fave! Be sure to connect with Sandra Lynn on her website here. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest! So tell me, what’s in YOUR bag?

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  • Love my Mary Kay, especially the Oil Free Eye makeup Remover. It’s the best!!!!! Sandra Lynn, love your purse essentials and your voice. When can I hear you on the radio?

  • Love this article! It’s great to see what a country artist carries in her purse. I need to start carrying my lint roller too! Also, I have been using Mary Kay for 20 years and my skin looks pretty good for my age. Love the little mini eye make-up remover. I want to be “Hangin Wich U”!! Lets hear more of your music!!

  • Thank you Sandra Lynn for sharing what an awesome Country music Artist carries in her Handbag,
    Lov…Love that Mary Kay eye makeup Remover…#1 product out there, plus I love all Mary Kay products the skincare is awesome , love that Volu- Firm Set.
    Also love the animal lint brush… dont leave home with out it.
    Most of all love Sandra Lynn not only is she a outstanding Country Artist, she is also beautiful in person and heart and soul

    You are awesome
    Loretta Ramsey

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