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Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water
AFFILIATE LINKS Trick Yourself Into Drinking More Water

I am at a place in my fitness journey where I am SO over drinking water that it’s not even funny. I am self-diagnosed caffeine junkie and I have a serious LOVE affair with Pepsi. I’ve been able to cut back on the soda to only one small glass a day which I can tell you is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I still need to hydrate though, it’s a big part of this journey. I need to make sure I am getting all of my water in. I drink around 100 ounces a day and towards the end of the day it’s definitely feeling forced. It just bores me. So I’ve come up with a few tricks, so I can trick myself into drinking more water. I figure, it can’t just be me so why not go ahead and share what has been working for me.

Water has such huge benefits in fitness, daily health and our skincare routines that I really should have #noexcuses when it comes to drinking it. I have been trying really hard to get it in and these tricks are definitely helping.

  1. ALL THE FLAVOR DROPS – I have stocked up on these little bottles full of flavored genius. I love these because you just drop a tiny drop into your water bottle and it’s instant fun. Some of my favorites: Cherry Pomegranate, Pink Lemonade, & Orange Tangerine!
  2. DIY INFUSED WATER – This is something I have more recently jumped into. I have been infusing all of my water and using a lot of these water recipes to come up with new flavors.
  3. A PRETTY WATER BOTTLE – Is this just me?  I may be weird but if I have a pretty water bottle like this one, this one, or this one I am way more likely to drink all my water.
  4. REWARD YOURSELF – I come up with little milestones like “Hit my water goal for 30 days & get a lipstick” in order to make drinking it a little bit more worthwhile.
  5. DOWNLOAD AN APP – I use the Waterlogged app to track everything and I feel bad if I don’t fill the tracker up so I make sure that I am drinking enough to reach the goal in the app.

Do you struggle with drinking water? Let me know some of your tips to trick yourself into drinking more water!


  • Number 3 is absolutely not just you! I have more water bottles than I should probably admit to the general public and find that I am much more likely to drink water if I have one of my favorites with me!

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