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eSalon Custom Hair Color + 50% off code!

I participated in the eSalon hair color campaign as a member of The bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free hair color to review but all opinions are my own.

eSalon Custom Hair Color

We’re getting ready to ring in the new year in a few days. Out with the old and in with the new and all that jazz, right? I figured I couldn’t possibly go into the new year with massive blonde roots a top my dark red dyed head. It was getting out of control. You see, I’ve been dyeing my hair a different shade of dark reds for a little over a year now and since I’m naturally a light blonde when my roots start coming in I look like a hot mess, it almost looks like bald spots since it grows in so super light. And I just can’t deal. My hair tends to grow in quick and paying $80+ at the salon every six weeks is not something that I call fun. I usually browse the aisles of the drugstore and pick up whatever it is that’s on sale. However doing that has some cons, the color isn’t always the same as it was before, hot roots are a plenty and sometimes my hair is six different shades. eSalon takes the guessing out of at-home hair dye and it’s so cool.

eSalon Custom Color

With eSalon you can have custom hair color. Each formula is completely customized for you and pre-mixed to match. When you sign up on they take everything into account and like I said, they take the guess work out of at home dye. They ask you about your natural color, if you have gray, they ask about previous color applications, the texture and condition of your hair, what color you’re looking to achieve and some other questions to help them create a custom formulated hair color that you just won’t find on any shelf. You fill out the questionairre and even upload a photo of yourself to help the colorists determine what formula and shades with work for you.

eSalon Easy To Follow Directions

After the create your custom color and send it off to you, you receive easy to follow personalized instructions and your formula ID in case you want to go back and order it again! There are thousands of color possibilities whether you want to just refresh your color, cover gray, go for a drastic change, or just cover your roots (like me) eSalon provides the best match with a hair color formula.

eSalon Custom Hair Color

Everything is individualized which is my favorite part of this service. I love that I can do this right in my bathroom and the directions walk me through the steps. I figured they’d just say apply to roots but they literally were personalized to exactly what my hair needed.

eSalon Custom Hair Color

Developed by renowned master colorists, built on their expertise and years of experience in top salons. I love that they have actual colorists custom blending every single color.  Every order is custom blended, bottled and packaged, then sent to the client as soon as it’s completed. There are no prepackaged colors, it’s all catered directly to you. That is fascinating to me.

eSalon Before & After

See? Roots for dayssssss. I was super impressed with the shine the color brought to my hair and how it matched up with my overall color. Super vibrant, for sure. This is definitely a service I will be trying again! Good news is, you can try it too! eSalon was super generous and you they’re giving you the opportunity to snag your first custom color kit for $10! That’s 50% off the regular price! Just head on over here to get your custom color + personalized instructions! Score. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, you literally can’t lose!

I participated in the eSalon hair color campaign as a member of The bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free hair color to review but all opinions are my own.

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  • Your hair color looks great! I always use hair dye from the store because I am afraid to get it done at a salon- plus it’s more money. I heard about eSalon years ago but never used it. Now I am definitely going to order hair dye from there!

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