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Five Minute Manicure with Q-Tips

Thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are 100% my own.

Five Minute Manicure

You know I get super excited about easy manicures, they pretty much rule my life. The easier the better and I am super excited to share this dotticure with you because the dots can be done entirely with Q-Tips. No nail art tools needed. Some people might pass on nail art because they think it’s super difficult to accomplish but really, you can do it with things in your house and it’s totally achievable.

Easy Nail Art Design Using Q-Tips

Q-tips is the perfect tool for your glam holiday look this season – with intricate, precise application every time. Seriously, you can do so much with Q-tips, from removing makeup, nail art, skincare, and even applying makeup. They’ve always been a staple in my beauty routine and my home for as long as I can remember. For nail art they totally come in handy because of the precision tips so creating a dot is a breeze. I also use them to clean up around my cuticle area. The possibilities are endless. I felt like red and white were appropriate for the season so that’s where we’re going to start.

Easy Manicure Clean Up with Q-Tips

Using red polish as my base coat I quickly painted my nails with two coats and use my Q-Tips with the Precision Tips to clean up that cuticle area. The’re really the ultimate beauty tool, with tapered ends specially designed for precise application and touch-ups for nails, eyes, lips and more – perfect for achieve the ultimate holiday makeup look. The “Q” definitely stands for quality.

Easy Nail Art with Q-Tips

It’s seriously the easiest manicure ever. Just use your Q-tips to easily place your dots on your nails. We’re using white polish for the dots. Easy as pie, well if pie were easy… I think pie is kind of difficult. Anywho, these are an affordable alternative to expensive nail art tools. The flexible stick makes application a breeze in any scenario and they’re portable so you can do your nails or touch up your makeup anywhere!

Q-tips Dotticure

Such a cute and fun manicure that you can accomplish in under five with the help of Q-tips! I hope you learned how easy it is to do nail art at home! Let me know if you try it out and be sure to visit Q-Tips on Instagram from more beauty inspiration.

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