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#NOEXCUSES™ Fitness: Full Body Workout #8

Full Body Workout #8

No Excuses Workout Series Full Body Workout 7

New Years is just around the corner. With it comes people wanting to make changes to their lives. Whether it be health related, financial related, or whatever it is. Its sparks a sense of renewal and a lot of people jump on the Get Healthy bandwagon around this time every year. My goal for you this year is to keep being the change once February hits. Once March hits. Once July hits. Think of any health goal for this next year to be a goal and a lifestyle investment into yourself instead of a resolution. Turn your mindset to one that includes making that investment to live a fuller, healthier life one that you are proud to be doing. Because the benefits and rewards FAR outweigh anything else you’ll ever work towards!

This workout is no different than any of the previous #NOEXCUSES™ workouts (found here and here). It uses minimum to no equipment (just your body!). And no gym membership is required!! If this is your first go at working out, please consult with your physician before starting. I want to make sure you are on the up and up!

On to the workout:

This workout is going to be performed with time. I want you to start a stopwatch after you finish your warm-up and stop with the above pictured workout when it gets to 25 minutes. I want you to record how many times you make it through 1 complete cycle of this workout. Now…do NOT break form just to get through each cycle! It’s important that your form come before the quantity of cycles. Always always always…QUALITY of the workout VS QUANTITY!!! When you come back to this workout in a few weeks to test yourself again, compare to this number.

Want to make this workout more challenging? Add some dumbbells.

WARM-UP: 5-10 minutes (you want to get your heart and body ready for your workout!)

PUSHUPS: Either regular or modified on your knees. Keep your core tight! Exhale on the return movement.

BIRD DOGS: Come to a hands and knees position on the floor with your knees underneath your hips and the crease of your wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing forward. Begin by slowly straightening the left leg behind you, making sure not to raise it above hip level. Slowly raise and straighten right arm in front of you. So you will have the opposite arm and leg up in the air. Keep your core tight. Slowly lower back down to the ground and repeat on the opposite side. Perform 5 on each side.

SQUATS: Start by standing up straight. Feet hip width apart. Core tight. Lower down into a squat position, focusing on pushing backward with your hips (like you are reaching for a chair with your rear) and making sure your knees do not push over your toes. Slowly stand back up.

PLANK: Pushup position except on your elbows. Core tight! Hold for 30 seconds.

BRIDGE: Begin sitting on your butt with your hands planted eight inches behind you. Bend your knees, and place your heels about a foot away from your backside. Make sure feet are hip-distance apart. Inhale and lift your hips off of the ground so your torso is parallel with the floor and your arms are straight (bridge). Your hands should be directly underneath the shoulders and your ankles underneath the knees. Lower your head behind you to increase the stretch in your chest and neck. Keep your core tight! Hold for 30 seconds. Lower back to the ground.

SUPERMAN: Lay on your tummy. Arms extended in front of you. Raise your your arms and legs off of the ground at the same time. Keep your core tight. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

LUNGES: Walking Lunges (5 reps on each side). Core tight!

STRAIGHT LEG CRUNCHES: Lay down on the floor. Bring your legs straight up in the air. Raise your arms towards the ceiling and crunch up by trying to touch the tops of your toes. Make sure your core is engaged (bring your belly button in towards your spine) throughout the movement. Slowly lower yourself back towards the ground. Breathe out as you crunch and breathe in on the way down.

TRICEP DIPS: Find a chair (a sturdy one) or a coffee table or the ledge of a bathtub. Sit on said item. Place your hands beside your hips, grip the edge. With your arms as your anchor to the chair/table/bathtub, walk your feet out so that your hips and rear are no longer touching. Lower yourself down (aka a “dip”) to where your elbows form a 90 degree angle. Raise yourself back up. Core stays tight throughout the movement. You can either keep your knees bent (easier) or straighten your legs out (harder).


SIDE LUNGES: tart in the standing position, feet a bit wider than hip width. Take a large step with your Left leg directly to the left (Side Step). Keep your bodyweight towards that left leg and lower into a squat on that leg. Push yourself back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. Keep your core tight. Breathe out when you return to the beginning position. Perform 5 reps on each side.

OBLIQUE CRUNCHES: Start in a regular crunch position, by laying on your back and knees bent. Drop your knees over to one side, so that you are twisting at your core. Slowly perform a crunch making sure to keep your shoulder square to the floor. Breathe out on the crunch. Keep your core tight. Repeat on the other side.

WALL PUSHUPS: Find a sturdy wall. Perform an upright pushup on the wall. The further your feet are away from the wall, the more challenging the pushup will be. Breathe out when you push away from the wall.


JUMP SQUATS: Start with feet hip width apart. Lower down into a squat and jump up in the air from the squat position. Return back into the squat position on landing and repeat.

SIDE PLANK: Get in full pushup position. Transfer your bodyweight and rotate towards the right, bringing your left arm off the ground and pivoting your feet so that now you are resting them on their sides. Bring your left arm straight up in the air. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side and hold for 30 seconds.

BURPEES: Start by standing up straight, arms by your sides, feet hip width apart. Squat down and place your palms face down on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs behind you so you are in a push-up position. Pull your legs back under you into the squat position, keeping your palms face down on the floor. Stand and then jump in the air, bringing your arms over your head to reach for the ceiling. When you land, that is one full burpee. Remember to keep your core tight throughout the entire movement.

COOL DOWN: 5 minutes of stretching.

Want to try another workout? Head over to the #NOEXCUSES™ Fitness Series library to find all of my workouts and tips! See you next month!!

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  • Wow…great post and this looks great! I got out of breathe just reading it!!

    This is something I want to try in the new year 🙂 I haven’t done any exercise for a while and the exercises look fun too!

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