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Voloom | Natural Looking Volume


We’ve definitely chatted about volume before, and I even gave you some tips for the perfect blowout, best volume products, and how to tease your hair. I’ve been seeking out voluminous hair for pretty much my entire adult life. From products to tools I’ve never tried anything that just did exactly what I wanted so I am always on the lookout for cool new tools. I’ve found one that is definitely intriguing! “The revolutionary VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron banishes flat hair forever!”


This is what my hair looks like without product. It’s air dried and just straightened a bit. I have super straight hair so I don’t really have to do much with flat irons for it to turn stick straight. You can tell that I certainly lack volume so trying a tool that boasts soft, natural-looking volume with body and bounce is right up my alley. Imagine being able to get all the volume you desire with just one tool. That would certainly cut my style-time in half.

The revolutionary VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron

It’s quite a fun little gadget that sort of reminds me of a crimper but way more in depth. It’s super easy to use and has a swivel cord that makes styling a breeze. VOLOOM is the first heat-styling tool specifically designed to add dramatic volume to any hairstyle.

VOLOOM Hair Clips

They provide your with hair clips so it makes sectioning off the top layers of your hair easy. You’re going to want to use this iron on the bottom layers of your hair, right at the root.

VOLOOM in use

VOLOOM creates hidden layers of support and texture beneath the visible top layers of hair for volume that lasts days. My hair is super thin so the first time I used this I simply was not impressed (admittedly, it was user error) because I could see all of the crimping the iron was doing even through my bottom layers. However, not one to give up so easily since every review I have seen has been a RAVE, I tried it again. This time, I left a bit more hair in my top sections that I didn’t use the iron on and the change was amazing. The natural volume was great.


Natural volume is something I crave and I was definitely able to get it with this tool without any product! It takes just minutes to add glamour to any style, from sleek flat-ironed looks to tousled waves.

Have you tried VOLOOM? Let me know what you do for volume!

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