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Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Beauty

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelet. Perfume without the bottle.

Am I the last person left who had NO IDEA that things like this existed? When I mentioned what I had received in my mail box to my girlfriends and even my husband all knew that fragrance jewelry existed. I am just sitting over like an AOL dial up connection because I had no clue. Fragrance jewelry may just be the coolest thing I have seen. Lisa Hoffman has a line, of gorgeous bracelets, that allow you to have perfume without the bottle.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Jewelry. Perfume without the bottle.

The Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance beads are eco-friendly and made from the highest standard of pure perfume. Each piece of jewelry comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm. It’s perfume, they just reinvented the packaging. Seriously, so freaking cool. I can’t get over how nifty this is.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelet. Perfume Without the Bottle.

I went with the Triple-Strand Smoke Faceted Stretch Bracelet, it features a bright silvertone fragrance charm, clear smoke colored rondelle glass beads, and serious sparkle. It’s so pretty! You basically fill the little charm up with the scent of your choice. I have Brazilian Begonia and it’s smells fantastic. It’s a exotic, sultry scent of Brazilian Begonia, the larger fragrance charm diffuses more notes of fresh Begonia, zesty lemon-lime, creamy sandalwood & sensual vanilla. Each bracelet strand captures and reflects light for a dazzling display of color and fragrance.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelet. Perfume Without the Bottle

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Bracelet

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Beauty

I have been rocking this bracelet almost daily for the last month or so and I’ve only filled it the one time so far and the scent is still there, which really surprised me and I was impressed. My favorite part about the Lisa Hoffman Beauty line is that they’re such a great and affordable price. This bracelet is available for $50 and when you think about it, you’re getting more time out of it than a regular spritz from a perfume bottle + a stunning piece of jewelry as well. Awesome, am I right?

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Have you tried fragrance jewelry yet? Let me know what you think would you wear something like this!

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