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4 Ways To Wear Bronzer Inspired by HP x360

This is a sponsored post in partnership with HP. All opinion are my own. 

Today I’m sharing my take on 4 Ways to Wear Bronzer, inspired by the HP x360 four modes

Isn’t she a beauty? The HP Pavillion x360 is not your expected personal computer. It’s so much more. HP is quite literally bending the rules. And in the spirit of bending the rules of technology, it’s designed with a movable keyboard giving us four awesome “modes” to play in. Cool, right? It gets SO much better.

Today I’m sharing my take on 4 Ways to Wear Bronzer, inspired by the HP x360 four modes

Each of the four modes has it’s own advantages but all include one theme in common, super fun & easy, I loved this baby from the moment I un-boxed it. The four modes: laptop, tablet, tent, and stand are all easy to get the hang of. So far, my favorite is the stand mode. It’s easy to work on creating makeup tutorials or photographing nail art while I have the HP x360 in front me to either watch movies or catch up on social media with the touch screen.

Today I’m sharing my take on 4 Ways to Wear Bronzer, inspired by the HP x360 four modes

Tent mode is just as cool and I usually set this baby up for making a favorite cocktail recipe or to see my next exercise routine. Laptop mode is much of what you’d expect in a laptop, I love how lightweight it is though. The tablet mode is fun, you have the touch screen and function of a tablet but you’re getting the laptop sized screen so you’re not squinting to see everything.

In the spirit of bending the rules, HP has partnered with Meghan Trainor to document her first-ever tour with “All About That Tour,” a six episode documentary of the “That Bass” Tour. In each episode, they’ll offer a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes–from hair & makeup to choreography. As someone who loves to bend the rules & who thinks this whole 4 Way concept is so much fun. I was totally inspired to bend my own rules and the rules of “makeup world” & think outside the box. I’m giving you a tutorial on the 4 Ways To Wear Bronzer. 

4 Ways To Wear Bronzer

ONE  //  There are days when doing my eye makeup seems completely daunting. So one of the four ways that I wear my bronzer is as an all-over lid shade. Most shades of bronzer work perfectly for most skin tones and eye colors. If you use a matte shade, your eye color really pops. A shimmer shade will give you a completely simple look that is fabulous.

TWO  //  Contouring. You can use bronzer (creams or powders) in a highlighting and contouring routine. In this way, you would use the bronzer to really chisel out the shadows you want to appear. Be light handed, you can always build the color up. Use a separate brush that is clean of other powders or creams.

THREE  //  Back to the eyes. You can use a darker shade of bronzer as liner. I love to run bronzer under my lower lash line to pull a makeup look together. It’s such a fun unexpected touch and branching out for normal black liner is always fun.

FOUR  //  Under the cheek bones. This is the easiest way to use bronzer and probably the most common. If you’re not a fan of the full contoured look but still want a bit of that sun kissed glow, just go ahead and apply some bronzer right under your cheek bones with a light hand.

Today I’m sharing my take on 4 Ways to Wear Bronzer, inspired by the HP x360 four modes

I love, love, love bronzer so I am always looking to incorporate new fun ways to use it. I am always bending the rules and challenging the norm. So I think wearing bronzer in a way that isn’t always the first thought is super fun. Much like the new fun ways I have been using my HP x360!! I’m SO excited for backstage glimpses at Meghan Trainor’s hair and makeup that I can barely contain myself. This fan generated documentary is looking like SO much fun. HP is tapping Viners, YouTubers, and Instgrammers to capture footage of each Meghan Trainor tour stop and encourage their fans to share too! Then they’re stitching it all together to create a tour documentary featuring fan footage. Pretty cool, right? If you’re wanting to see a behind the scenes look at Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Tour” including her hair and makeup be sure to follow along with @HP for updates.

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