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Bean Box Review | A Seattle Coffee Journey


Bean Box | A Seattlle Coffee Journey delivered straight to your door!  Experience gourmet coffee from the city known for its coffee obsession.

But first, COFFEE. I literally can not function throughout my day if caffeine is not involved and more often than not it’s in the form of coffee. I have a pretty serious obsession with mugs (like this adorable one above) and coffee. So when I realized that I could get lovingly-crafted coffees delivered right to my door, I was totally on board. AND it’s all from Seattle, which unless you live under a rock you know is the coffee capital of the universe. Bean Box is a monthly coffee subscription box delivering you samples from Seattle’s premier coffee roasters.

Every month, you will receive 4 hand-picked gourmet coffee roasts from Seattle’s top rated roasters. Beans are shipped fresh to you, along with tasting notes, in a handsome Bean Box. You brew and enjoy delicious coffee with each unique roast.

Bean Box Review

Like I said, each box has a variety from different roasters. First up, we have Seven who is know for “their darker roasts, Seven supplies many of Seattle’s small cafes, bakeries, and restaurants.” Sumatra Mandheling Old School is mild and earthy with a semi-sweet chocolate and cucumber finish. Anything with chocolate is automatically my favorite, seriously. I saw that and knew I’d love it and I was right. This was the definite front runner for me and I couldn’t get enough!! Conduit “roasts with a focus on ethical & sustainable practices. In true Seattle style, they deliver their beans by bike!” Westlake Avenue was the bomb dot com, a smooth medium blend with intense chocolate flavor. Again with the chocolate, can I just marry these coffees? Please. I do. Both brews were equally amazing and I was super impressed.


Next up, we have the lovely Slate Coffee Roasters who are a newcomer. “Slate is a family business that adheres to a simple, minimalist coffee philosophy.” Ndava & Ngogoma, Burundi is a bright roast with notes of dark chocolate and graham cracker. This was the most memorable because I could not for the life of me even attempt to say the name of it, so that made it stick with me. This one is dessert in a cup. I love this one for an after dinner drink. It’s perfection with a splash of white chocolate creamer. Last. but certainly not least we’ve got Seattle Coffee Works and they are located around the corner from Pike Place Market. They “roast with an eye towards transparency between farm & cafe”. This one’s little bio spoke to me the most. This was my husbands favorite of the collection, a light and fruity blend of plum, fig, and tamarind.

Each box comes with a little insert for tips and tricks to get you to coffee perfection, along with links to get you what you need to know! The best part about Bean Box? Super freaking affordable! You can do it one of two ways, grab yourself a the ‘Expand Your Palate‘ box for $20 and get the four minis OR grab yourself the ‘Fill Your Morning Cup‘ box (also, $20) and get one bag of hand-picked artisan coffees tailored to your taste. This might be my favorite box ever next to beauty related subs. You have to try it, going through all four roasts was so fun!

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