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ION Color Brilliance


Want to take your at-home color to the next level? Check out ION Color Brilliance from Sally Beauty!As most of you know I have been at-home coloring my hair for pretty much most of my life. Even in high school I was using boxed dye. I just love the affordability of being able to get awesome color at home. I have tried SO many products and some I have loved, some were horrible, and some were just alright. I wanted to share my absolute favorite brand for at-home color. Ion Color Brilliance is absolutely amazing. I started picking this up from Sally Beauty early last year and the color was just amazing.

Want to take your at-home color to the next level? Check out ION Color Brilliance from Sally Beauty!

At this point in my routine, I’m only doing my roots every six weeks as a touch up. And then every six months or so I’ll pull the color all the way through to update it and make it look fresh. Six months is a long time to go without updating your entire color and the reason I can stretch it so long is because this demi permanent dye is simply amazing. The color lasts and lasts.

Want to take your at-home color to the next level? Check out ION Color Brilliance from Sally Beauty!

If you use drugstore box dyes you will probably find that your color will tend to fade a lot quicker than if you got it done in a salon. That’s SO frustrating. I made it my mission to find an at-home color solution that would give me that shine and long lasting color that I craved without having to empty my wallet in a salon. Ion Color Brilliance does just that. This demi permanent color is fade resistant and has intense conditioning so when you’ve rinsed out your dye your hair is smooth and silky. You get maximum light reflection and this super shine, without adding a shine product into your routine. It’s just naturally there.

It’s formulated with botanicals that help maintain a healthy hair structure without ammonia. Right now I’m doing a medium burgundy brown and I am naturally blonde. It works perfectly for my roots and matches well to the rest of my color. With drugstore dyes you will almost always end up with hot roots, meaning your roots will be super bright and completely different from your overall color. Since the Ion Color Brilliance lasts so long you don’t run into that issue. Ion is such an awesome line of products, I also use their hairspray and shampoo for color. The ionic properties offer protection for stronger hair.

Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Hair Color is available in thirty-two shades plus Clear/00. Ditch the drugstore and go pro at home! It’s totally possible with Ion Color Brilliance Intense Shine! You get long lasting color and superior shine like nothing you’ve seen and best of all, it’s at an affordable price. Sally Beauty is all about beautiful finds at beautiful prices. In March, Sally Beauty is featuring award-winning products that will fall in a few different categories:

    • Best Seller
    • Blogger Faves
    • Cult Faves
    • New Finds
    • Stylist Picks
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    • Top Rated

Be sure to head on over to Sally Beauty and check it out!

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