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Workout Wear For The Everyday Gal


Have you ever tried to put an outfit together that meets your fitness needs but is also something you feel comfortable in running errands, picking your kids up from school, or even grocery shopping? Sometimes a task like that can be super daunting. With the Adidas Golf line, they have you covered for literally every scenario. I don’t want you to hear golf and think that you’re limited because you certainly are not. So many outfit combinations and finds that will work into your everyday life. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you, I feel like there aren’t very many resources for everyday women like ourselves to find workout gear that really fits. And you know we like to keep it real around here, so check out some of my favorites!

Workout Wear for the Everyday Gal

It’s currently beginning to thaw out here in New Jersey and the snow is finally melting. Hopefully that will be the new normal and we are done with Winter. We live right behind a golf course and I am looking forward to spending some time there this Spring. Golf is a serious workout, have you tried it? I started with my husband last year and I have to say I always looked like a fool, at least this year I will have some super cute outfits that will actually allow me to look like I belong on a course.

What I love most about the Adidas Golf line though, is that you can put super cute outfits together and go for a brisk walk, jump on the elliptical, do some weight training, or most workouts of your choice. You can also easily transition the outfits into your everyday routine without having to worry about looking nuts.

Workout Wear for the Everyday Gal

The essentials rangewear leggings pair absolutely perfectly with an essential layering tank and tour burnout polo for a day on the course. It’s not over the top fitness gear that looks like you never should have left the gym. It’s styling and on trend, you could easily run into the grocery store in this and carry on about your day. I sure did.

The essentials layering tank is a must-add. Make it easy to complete any outfit with a tank that comes in a variety of colors. The moisture-wicking, quick-drying and antimicrobial fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Workout Wear for the Everyday Girl

Have some errands to run before hitting up your local park for a workout? Raining cats and dogs? Throw a transparent fashion wind jacket on and go about your day! The womens adicross slip ons are super comfortable. I LOVE how stylish they are.

A fun and functional addition to your closet, the transparent fashion wind full zip jacket has you covered. The transparent shell is highlighted by a geo print to show off your sharp fashion sense to your playing partners.

Workout Wear for the Everyday Gal

Pairing the essentials full zip wind jacket with a pair of the essentials puremotion crop pants was one of the best decisions I made! It was such a super comfortable outfit. I literally loved it too pieces and didn’t want to change. The pants are so versatile and can be worn with most anything.

The Essentials puremotion® Cropped Pant should be a new wardrobe staple. The stretch woven pull-on pant creates a sleek silhouette in a slim fit. If you’re a full time fitness maven or just getting started, these outfit picks from Adidas Golf will definitely help you on your way to fitness fashion takeover!

Let me know your favorite pieces!

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