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5 Ways To Relax with Intel

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5 Easy Ways to relax!

When work gets crazy for me or I get a bit overwhelmed in general, I tend to turn to technology for a few ways to help me relax. I’ve been using my Intel tablet to help me relax lately and I wanted to share with you all what I use it for on a daily basis when I need a little space from work stuff.

5 Easy Ways to relax with Intel!

1 ||   Catch up on blog reading! 

Sometimes I get so behind on reading some of my favorite blogs. I absolutely love my tablet for this reason. I can grab it on-the-go, get outside and smell the roses and find a nice park bench somewhere or a shaded tree and catch up on some of my favorite bloggers posts. Or even interact on my own posts.

2  ||  Entertainment

I absolutely love Youtube and I tend to watch quite a few daily bloggers. Whenever I find myself getting a bit crazy I kick back with my tablet and catch up on all things Youtube.

3  ||  Audio Books

I have issues falling asleep in silence so I plug in some head phones and use my audio book app to listen to my current fave book while falling asleep.

4  ||  Recipe Finds

One of the most relaxing things for me is cooking. I do not have a great memory though so I usually need to constantly check the recipe I’m working on. Instead of having to lug my laptop in the kitchen with me, I can just grab my Intel tablet and set it up on the counter while I cook for easy reference.

5  ||  Organization

This probably sounds crazy to some but one of the biggest ways I stay relaxed is through organization. So having my tablet synced with my email and notes it makes it easy to stay on top of things on the go and not stress that I will be disconnected from anything.

5 Easy Ways to relax with Intel!

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