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Fresh – Fragrance Review


I’m sure that everyone has heard of Fresh. They are super well known to me for their lip balms. I had no idea that they had other products. I was super excited to try out this fragrance. And I had high expectations since the lip balms are cult favorites.

Fresh Sugar Perfume

Sugar Eau de Parfum features an iconic blend of zesty citruses, soft florals, and sweet gourmand notes housed in an artisanal glass bottle. Let’s talk about the bottle for a second, I am a huge sucker for packaging. This bottle is so pretty and fits nicely into my collection.

Top Notes: bergamot, lemon, Brazilian sweet orange
Middle Notes: petitgrain, heliotrope, white lily
Base Notes: caramel, vanilla, marjoram

I found the subtle hint of caramel and vanilla to be a nice surprise in this fragrance. It sort of comes out to play a bit more over the lemon and sweet orange. I was able to get little hints of it throughout the day. Each scent lends itself nicely to the next. It’s really the essence of sugar and the lovely scent that comes along with it.

Each of our grandmothers used sugar, a natural antiseptic, to heal our scrapes. Wanting to pass this effective ritual on to the world, we bottled our shared tradition, pioneering the use of sugar in the beauty industry.

—Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, Fresh Founders

When I go looking for a fragrance I am super picky. I only have a few that are absolute favorites, some smell too young and some smell too old for me. This one is absolutely perfect. This is such a refreshing scent and I’m excited to wear it this Summer.

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  • The only product I’ve tried from Fresh is the Sugar Lip Treatment in “Rosé” and I really love it because it’s moisturizing and adds a nice natural flush of color to my lips. Maybe I’ll have to see if I can smell this in person the next time I’m in Sephora. It sounds nice for summer.

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