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Sole Serum: A Must Have Beauty Product

Sole Serum is the first luxury serum that targets your daily foot pain and provides instant relief!

Sole Serum is the first luxury serum that targets your daily foot pain and provides instant relief!

Imagine a life where you can stand in your favorite heels all day. My favorite heels boast a 6 inch heel so that world sounds pretty damn good to me.

"Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people." – Dita Von Teese

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Wearing heels is one of my favorite things today but sometimes it’s an exercise in awful torture, am I right? Those heels do me dirty every time I wear them. Making it through an hour or two feels like the biggest accomplishment. Imagine my surprise when I rocked them for 6+ hours at a wedding this month. I was beyond amazed. Seriously.

Sole Serum targets your daily foot pain. Created by my new hero, Tricia. She was a working-woman you’d see, walking back to her hotel room, heels in hand, slight limp, cursing the foot pain that went with wearing her “work boots.” I know that as women we have all most definitely been right there with her. So she created Sole Serum.

It’s simply the world’s first luxury serum designed to target and relieve foot pain associated with wearing incredibly cute shoes because you my friend, are awesome. And have great taste in shoes. And now, great taste in a foot pain relief product. “You’re right Tricia, I am awesome. So how does it work?” Thanks for asking, dear reader. It goes like this: we blend the pain-relieving power of lidocaine with natural, safe, and soothing ingredients to create an alchemy unmatched in the world of topical healthcare, that’s how it works™. Specifically, our proprietary blend blocks the foot’s pain signals from reaching the brain, and helps to reduce inflammation, but that’s getting really technical.

So basically, you apply 2-3 pumps per foot, wait a minute for it to dry and go rock you some of the highest heels you can find and be pain free. I promise. I would not lead you down the wrong path. This stuff lives with me. You can grab it here and be on you way to pain free heel wearing glory!

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