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The Body Shop Drops of Youth

PR SAMPLES New skincare from The Body Shop! Drops of Youth collection!

Everyone wants some drops of youth in their life, right? Once I hit my thirties I felt like I would need to find the secret, the secret to keeping your skin looking young, bright, and glowing.  Unfortunately there is no actual secret, LOL. It’s all about your skincare routine. The Body Shop has a completely awesome line of skincare products. Drops of Youth may just be your secret weapon. 

Wonderblur! An awesome primer! The-Body-Shop-Nutriganics-Drops-of-Youth.

I was super freaking excited about this one. WONDERBLUR is essentially a makeup primer. It’s pretty great. I always use a primer because I have pores that appear to be huge craters. I love when a primer has blurring powers.

Dispense a small amount onto fingertips and smooth into complexion for skin that feels touchably soft. Use after applying moisturiser as a last step of your skincare regime in the morning before make-up. Apply either all over the face, or on targeted areas.

It gives you flawless skin, ready for makeup. Smoothes the appearance of fine lines and larger pores. It’s also super moisturizing so it allows you to apply makeup, and if you have dry skin, keeps it from getting too cakey looking.

New skincare from The Body Shop! Drops of Youth collection!

This is literally DROPS OF YOUTH an innovative concentrate that helps to enhance surface skin condition, leaving it looking smoother, fresher and healthier.

Gently massage two to three drops into skin, and allow to sink in before applying your usual moisturizer or serum.

Super moisturizing and goes on like a dream. It absorbs quickly without leaving your face feeling/looking greasy. Your skin will be left feeling like silk.

New skincare from The Body Shop! Drops of Youth collection! New skincare from The Body Shop! Drops of Youth collection!

I have been searching for a sleeping mask for what seems like forever and I just couldn’t find anything that really rocked my world. Until I met the Bouncy Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop. Amazing in a jar.

Smooth onto face before bed either alone or after Drops of Youth™ Concentrate, and allow to sink in overnight. Do not wash off. OUR BOUNCY MASSAGE TECHNIQUE 1. Over The Rainbow Hands on forehead and arch out over the eyes to temples 2. Under The Clouds Massage under the eyes out towards the side of the ears 3. Quenching The Earth Massage outward with palms of hands, across the cheeks to the ears 4. Under The Sea Use sweeping upwards movements from the décolletage up the neck 5. Pitter Patter Use finger tips to lightly tap across the forehead.

Bouncier looking skin? Sign me up. This mask is left on over night and you wake up looking completely refreshed. The product itself actually feels bouncy. Which makes it super fun.

New skincare from The Body Shop! Drops of Youth collection!

The Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate is next up on the list of fab. I absolutely love the roller ball that this has. It’s super fun and cooling.

Apply before your day moisturiser or eye cream. 1. Gently press the pump once. 2. Roll in a figure of 8 motion around the eye area. 3. Gently pat the eye area with your fingers to help absorb the product.

It instantly refreshes your eye area, helps alleviate puffiness and dark circles. It’s a cooling rollerball that I love, love, love! Partner with bestselling Drops of Youth™ Concentrate for a youth-enhancing boost Edelweiss plant stem cells possess renowned skin renewal properties.

This entire collection is simply amazing. I love each and every product. If you’re looking for some new skincare items and glowing skin, this is the collection for you. You can find it all right here.

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