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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soffe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


I’m not entirely sure when selfies became so popular but with the growing of social media sites they sure did. Social media as a whole has the power to to make the world a lonely place even while being so super connected. Though awareness of the Soffe brand is high, it’s predominately associated with the classic cotton short and a younger, cheer-focused demographic. Soffe has re-launched the brand and product line through its Feb. 2015 “The Strength Is In Us” campaign and Spring ’15 line. The product is more sophisticated, with top-quality fabric, technology and performance. And, the brand is building relevancy beyond cheerleading and forging a deep emotional connection with a broader group of young women.


In the world we live in social media can easily turn into a competition. You begin competing with your friends or even yourself. For likes, comments, or anything really. I’m sure we have all been there. Closing ourselves off from our friends, competing with them instead of building one another up. Celebrating each other. Soffe stands for a brand that celebrates young women’s collective strength. It is creating ways to bring young women together in support of their shared goals. Cue #TheUsProject.


Soffe is challenging the #selfie epidemic through its introduction of the #TheUsProject movement. This coverage will give credence to the movement, as it aims to encourage young women to focus on each other, those who give them strength, motivation and encouragement. I’m excited for #TheUsProject, it will bring attention to the fact that we can use social media to bring us together. Let’s build each other up and replace your selfies with an image that says “we” not “me”! Together we can make a more a beautiful picture.

Come participate in #TheUsProject movement with me & win #TheUsProject apparel! Participate in the contest by posting a photo of yourselves with your friends on Instagram! Tag #TheUsProject & @angejim to win!

Is this week over yet? I'm missing a nice vacation and these friends who give life to my soul!! #TheUsProject

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