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Tips for Glowing & Radiant Skin

PR SAMPLE Stemology Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher Gentle exfoliating cleanser reboots skin to reveal a natural, healthy glow.

After a long, cold and very dry Winter my skin took a beating. I told y’all that I was overhauling my entire skincare routine and I am really in a place now that I love all of the products I’m using. I want to able to have that glow to my skin and have it not be as dull. And with Stemology Cell Reboot Exfoliating Scrub, I am getting there.

Stemology Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher Gentle exfoliating cleanser reboots skin to reveal a natural, healthy glow.

The Stemology Cell Reboot Exfoliating Skin Polisher is absolute perfection.

Organic Rice and Oat Powder gently exfoliate skin to restore radiance. Natural Fruit Extracts cleanse, renew and smooth skin texture. Formulated with all natural, toxin-free ingredients to help refresh and energize dull skin. Provides effective mechanical exfoliation plus absorbing qualities to remove oils, toxins and imbedded micro-particles from skin

In order to get glowing skin, you want to make sure that you’re exfoliating. Using a gentle exfoliant  will rid your face of any dry skin cells and allow your natural radiance to come out. I absolutely loved how this felt on my skin, some exfoliating products are just too harsh and make my skin feel worse than when I started. This was super gentle. One of my favorite parts of this product is that it didn’t have a scent.  I hate using stuff on my face that is super scented because I feel like I can smell it all night long.

Tips for Glowing & Radiant skin.

A few more tips to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep your skin nice and glowing.

  1. Drink your water! I try to drink about 100 ounces of water a day. This definitely helps keep my skin clear.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep. Dark circles? The biggest cause for this, at least for me, is not getting enough sleep. I swear I have an internal conversation with myself everyday that I will go to bed earlier. That rarely works but if you can, definitely get it done.
  3. Freeze your sleep mask. I love to keep my sleep mask in the freezer and use to to cut down on any puffiness I have around my eyes.

Follow these tips and go grab this mask and you are well on your way to glowing skin! The lovely people at Stemology are offering a special code for y’all  use the code COUNCIL25 for 25% off plus FREE shipping on all purchase over $100.

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