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Check Out 2B Colours

Have you all heard about this brand? 2B Colours is a new to me brand and I have been trying out a few of their most popular items. 2B Colours is a super fun colorful brand that brings instant happy into your life. You can experiment with all the colors and grab them at super affordable prices. They fit right into your budget. A huge range of makeup, facial products and over 100 colors of nail polish. If you’re into color and like to experiment a little bit then 2B is for you.

2B Make-Up Primer

First up, we’ve got the 2B Primer Make-Up Base. This primer is super smooth, minimizes imperfections and even helps even out your skin tone a bit so your makeup will last longer. It’s a mattifying primer, and I’ve been loving it for the warmer months. It’s great throughout the entire day and keeps your make up from moving and sliding like it sometimes does in the heat.

2B Colours Blush 2B Colours Blush 2B Colours Blush

This Cheek Pop blush is perfection. It’s the perfect pop of color for summer, they’re available in five shades. You’re seeing it here in “01”, and the rest are just as pretty. Super pigmented and long lasting.

2B Blue Mascara 2B Blue Mascara

When we chat about experimenting with color, mascara is one of my favorite ways to do so. Sometimes when you find a colored mascara it doesn’t really show well but this one has super pigment. I’m a little obsessed with it, I have blue eyes so I find that adding little pops of color in like this really help open up my eyes.

2B Colours Eyeliner 2B Colours Eyeliner

Are you looking to rock the perfect winged liner? This cat eyeliner is for you. Perfection. Simple and easy to use. Lasts for hours.

2B Colours Nail Polish

These are just two of the shades from the 2B Colours line of polish. I’m really digging the Jeans Look polish, it’s super fun.

I’m quite excited about this brand and I want to make sure to try some more products. You can grab them right here, and like I said, they’re definitely budget friendly.

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