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OLLY Daily Routine #HealthyHabits

If you have been around here for longer than five minutes you already that for the last year or so I have really been making an effort to add in healthier additions to my life. I’ve definitely been exercising more and eating better. I’ve been drinking so much water that sometimes I feel like I can float. Another healthy habit I’ve been wanting to add in is vitamins. I’m extremely excited to partner with @OllyNutrition on this post because they have everything I was looking for. 

OLLY Daily Routine #HealthyHabits

Olly has a whole line of uniquely inspired chewable and non-chewable vitamins and supplements. They’re each super colorful and flavorful, which is a big bonus for me because one of my absolute pet peeves is the gross after taste some vitamins tend to give, which is also why I haven’t added many to my routine until now. Their expert blends are made up of a complex set of super powerful nutrients that work together to meet a specific health benefit – so it’s easier than ever to get just what you’re after. After spending a little time on the “Your Olly” section of the Olly Nutrition site, to see which combo would best fit my wellness goals, I ran over to Target to pick some up.

I’m a huge believer that creating a good habit doesn’t have to be such a daunting task, especially with Olly involved. They made it so simple for me to create a power packed daily routine to fit my needs. I’ll break down my routine for y’all and exactly how Olly fits in for me in the day to day.

OLLY Daily Routine #HealthyHabits

I start each morning with two of the chewable Undeniable Beauty supplements. Beauty comes from within, always. Even in the literal sense; healthy hair, dewy skin and long healthy nails all start on a cellular level. So with Olly Undeniable Beauty, I’m getting an expert blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and collagen that help me look my best, 24-7. It doesn’t hurt that the grapefruit glam flavor is absolutely delicious. I’ve already started to notice my hair looking shiner and my nails not cracking and breaking as much.

OLLY Daily Routine #HealthyHabits

About mid-morning is when I feel like I’m starting to hit a wall. My energy isn’t as high volume as it could be, I’m losing focus because I’m starting to get a little hungry because it’s been a few hours since breakfast. So Olly Endless Energy is the perfect mid-morning snack for me. It gives me that pep in my step that I desperately need. Expertly blended with an all-natural way to supercharge your work day or even your workout. Complex caffeeine from green tea, B-Vitamins and amino acids ensure a clean, balanced energy boost. It gets me through until lunch time and the lemon zinger flavor is delish.

OLLY Daily Routine #HealthyHabits

As a self diagnosed insomniac sometimes getting to sleep is hard for me, my brain is running through all of the things that I didn’t get done and everything I need to add to that to-do list for tomorrow. I have been wanting something healthy to calm me down and get me ready for a good night’s rest. About 30 minutes before bed time, I grab two of the Olly Restful Sleep supplements. These little guys send that memo to my brain and tell it “IT’S TIME TO SLEEP, LADY!” and they calm my senses and relax my body enough to actually fall asleep. Expertly blended to boost my body’s natural sleep hormone, their delicious and completely mellowing.

This addition to my wellness goals has really been a joy for me and a daily routine I plan to continue to follow. It’s an easy and effortless way to add in a new healthy habit. There are no guarantees here and what works for me may not work for you; be sure to consult with a physician before taking any new supplements or vitamins.

Olly is having a super fun Sweet Bliss Sweepstakes! The grand prize for the sweepstakes is a Day spa package for the winner + a friend, a 6 months supply of Olly Vitamins, and a person wellness consultations with Olly’s resident nutritionist. 100 runner ups will receive an Olly product of their choosing. Go ahead and enter HERE to get in the running for these awesome prize packages.

If you try out Olly, be sure to stop by and let me know what combo you picked for yourself, I’d love to hear your experience!

*Created in partnership with @OllyNutrition. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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