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Best Blow Dry Products

Must have products to secure the perfect blow out at home. It's a Blowdry Basics post that you don't want to miss!

Must have products to secure the perfect blow out at home. It's a Blowdry Basics post that you don't want to miss!

We’ve gone down the Blow Out Basics road before where we shared everything you need to get the perfect blowout at home. I wanted to share a few more favorites with y’all that I’ve been trying over the last year or so. Each one boasts its own trunk full of awesome properties lending themselves to the perfect blow out. So let’s get started. 

ONE  ||  GARNIER FULL & PLUSH VOLUPTUOUS BLOWOUT  ||  Volume, smoothing and super shine. This is a gel like cream that smells absolutely amazing, it’s heaven sent. Formulated with fibra-cylane and Pomegranate extract, this blow dry bodifying treatment perfectly shapes to create a full, voluptuous look with amazing body.

TWO  ||  BLOPRO BLOW OUT SPRAY  ||  I absolutely am amazed by this product. I got a travel-sized bottle in a subscription box and almost automatically purchased the full size. For light, moveable hold that’ll set your style in a flash there’s nothing like Blow Pro’s Blow Out Spray Serious Non-Stick Hairspray. Now in travel size.

THREE  ||  L’OREAL BLOW DRY IT  ||  This is another fave, super long lasting. It has minerals which help to blot out excess oils working like a dry shampoo.

FOUR  ||  KENRA BLOW-DRY SPRAY  ||  I grabbed this from my hair stylist and I want to freaking marry it. The scent is amazing, you spray it on damp hair and your hair pretty much shines like the top of the Chrysler building when you’re done.

FIVE  ||  KARDASHIAN BEAUTY BLOW DRY CREAM  ||  This a lightweight smoothing cream that creates sleek and smooth styles with restored shine. La la la looooove.

SIX ||  REDKEN PILLOW PROOF BLOW DRY EXPRESS PRIMER  ||  You know, I’m a rough sleeper. I toss and turn all over the place. This is my go-to product with with heat protection protects hair and helps prevent breakage.

SEVEN  ||  JOHN FRIEDA BLOW-OUT SPRAY  ||  After gently patting your hair dry with a towel, create lift by targeting the roots with luxurious volume root booster blow dry lotion. Spray directly into the roots of towel-dried hair to achieve the perfect blow out.

What are your favorite blow dry products?