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Pineapple Wall Art | Free Printable

Pineapple Wall Art

So the other day I was telling y’all that I had become completely and utterly obsessed with this whole pineapple trend. Have you checked out our pineapple chic post yet? You need to, so many cute accessories! It’s just so much fun. So I felt it necessary to add it into other parts of my life and with you all too. So for this very quick post today we’ve got two super cute pineapple wall prints. That you can print out on 8x10s and have at home. 

Free Printable Pineapple Wall Art

The first one is this super cute gold glitter pineapple on a white background. I am LOVING it and the glitter prints out so fab. You can grab your free printable & get on the gold and white train!

Free Printable Neon Pineapple Glitter Wall Art

I started out thinking that I was going to absolutely love the gold + white pineapple print the most. I have to say, this neon one is so much fun. I am head over heels, grab it right here.

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