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Skincare Spotlight: Fresh


Skincare Spotlight: Fresh

I wanted to shine the spotlight down on some pretty fabulous products this week. Fresh is a brand that I have really been loving lately. Their perfume is my jam. So I definitely wanted to check out what they had to offer in the skincare department. So let’s chat about the Black Tea Age-Delay Serum + Lotus Eye Gel.

Fresh Lotus Eye Gel

The Lotus Eye Gel from Fresh in enriched with calming cucumber extract. We all know that women have been lying pieces of cut cucumbers on our eyes for years to get rid of dark circles and puffiness. Having a product meant for your eye area that already has the cucumber in it, is super cool. This eye gel is meant to be used daily as a treatment to help alleviate the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and signs of fatigue. I don’t get a lot of sleep when I am swamped with work. It’s always go, go, go so I definitely need a little extra something to keep me looking human. The Lotus Eye Gel is super moisturizing and has my eye area looking firmer and it definitely cuts down on any puffiness I have or dark circles from a long night.

It’s super easy to use and you just apply it right to the problem area around your eye. Gentle enough to be used daily and even multiple times a day if you need to refresh. It will keep your eye area super moisturized for up to two hours.

Fresh Black Tea Age Delay Serum

I am a self diagnosed serum junkie. I try so many. I just have always loved the way that a serum leaves my skin feeling, more so than a thick moisturizer. Serums are always super light but pack a concentrated punch in the hydration department if they’re made well.  I have been kind of obsessing over the Black Tea Age-Delay Serum from Fresh for awhile now. This serum is a firming treatment that helps in diminishing any signs of aging, protects your skin from future damage, all while providing supreme moisture for 24 hours. I love using this at night and waking up to skin that still feels hydrated rather than dry patchy areas.


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