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The Best Beach Sprays

Want beachy waves? Here is a list of the BEST beach sprays to get you there!

Want beachy waves? Here is a list of the BEST beach sprays to get you there!

Hello summer, let’s be best friends. I wish I could live somewhere that was above 80 degrees and sunny all the time. That’s my ideal life. I grew up going to the beach every weekend and was a super fan of real beachy waves before they were even a thing. Now that beachy waves are a super trend, companies have made note and they are pushing out some of the best sea salt sprays to give you that look, when you’re not able to lounge in the sand all day. 

1. BUMBLE & BUMBLE SURF SPRAY – This is the first fake it till you make it salt spray that I ever tried. It’s ability to recreate a beachy wave look is unbelievable. It’s an all-in-one styling spray so not only are you getting that texture for those wind blown waves that you crave, you’re also getting volume, hold, and a matte finish so you’re not going to look greasy. This is especially fantastic for those of us with fine hair because of the body it creates.

2. GNARLY WHALE BEACH WAVES – I am a long time Gnarly Whale lover. This spray smells absolutely amazing so not only will it create a perfect beachy wave look but you’ll get just a subtle hint of the ocean water scent. Love, love, love.

3. FEKKAI SOLEIL – For one, the packaging is just too cute to pass up. I got a sample of this in a grab bag once and after one use, I was already purchasing a full size. You get texture and shine from this little gem. Plus a super subtle citrus scent. It also helps control frizz, so definite bonus points in that department. This is a cult favorite and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

4. OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray – I’ve said this before, if moroccan is in the name, I’m buying it. I just love how any sort of moroccan oil product makes my hair feel. This weightless leave-in surf mist will give that perfect breezy, undone, beach look that you lust for. The moroccan oil adds shine and moisture to your hair giving the illusion that you spent the day at the beach.

5. ORIBE APRES BEACH – I love all things Oribe, they’re one of my absolute favorite hair lines. You’ll get a perfectly undone look plus shine with this fabulous spray. It’s a favorite of hair stylists all over the world and with good reason.

6. NOT YOUR MOTHERS BEACH BABE – This spray will give you super texture, you’ll look like you’re just back from a fab beach vacation. The scent is amazing and a little goes a long way. A full size bottle could easily last you entire year or more because you need just the littlest bit to get those pretty beachy waves.

7. SUAVE SEA SALT SPRAY – This is a new to me product and I’m already loving it. I love that you can get textured waves with it or just spritz some on your roots to get a boost of fullness and body.

And if you need a little extra help from some styling tools to achieve a beachy wave look, I have a full beachy waves tutorial to help y’all out.  And if you’re lucky enough to be heading to the beach soon, don’t forget to check out our Beach Day Survival Kit. And don’t forget that your hair needs some protection too, Nios Shield is awesome for that!



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