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Easy Boho Waves || Hair Tutorial

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We are in the thick of the summer season and with that comes humidity and humidity will wreak havoc on my straight hair. I try to go for a more fun + easy look during this time of year. The products I’m using are from one of my favorite places to shop, Walmart. They’re each from the Tresemme Perfectly (Un)done line and they are awesome. The entire line is enriched with sea kelp, making it the perfect product line for wavy hair styles. I went ahead and took this quiz, to see which hairstyle would be for me and I landed on Boho Waves, be sure to take the quiz and find out what hairstyle is best for your next big event and if you land on Boho Waves, it’s super easy.

Easy Boho Waves  ||  Hair Tutorial

STEP ONE  ||  Start with dry hair. Grab some soda can sized foam rollers and wrap the top layers of your hair. Spritz your hair over the rollers with Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray. Let sit and dry for about 8 minutes. This gives you a bit of texture and volume.

STEP TWO ||  Grab a wrap around style headband and position your hair in the style that you like it. Take a 1/2 inch curling iron and wrap the pieces that you let fall over the headband. I just do the ends because the rollers gave you the volume and texture you needed.

STEP THREE  ||  I grab two bobby pins and pin small sections until I get the boho waves to sit just where I want them. Finish it off with some Perfectly (un)Done hairspray & you’re good to go.

Easy Boho Waves  ||  Hair Tutorial Easy Boho Waves  ||  Hair Tutorial

Super easy and I’m ready in under 15 minutes. I feel like this is the perfect look for a music festival or brunch with your girlfriends on nice Sunday morning.

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Check out your local Walmart to pick up the perfect Tresemme products!

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