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How She Became Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner Photo
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Caitlyn Jenner’s amazing transformation has been met with a number of reactions. Fortunately, except for a few bad eggs, her reception has been overwhelmingly positive with the encouragement and support of her family, the LGBT community, and the media. Unlike the Kardashian-related prattle frequently found on gossip sites, Jenner’s decision to announce her transformation in the respected fashion and lifestyle magazine Vanity Fair reveals her desire to have her transition reflect positively on the entire transgender community.

Many are curious about gender reassignment surgery and the entire process that helped make Caitlyn who she is today. Younger transgender people often begin hormone therapy to help bring on the secondary characteristics associated with their desired gender, such as facial hair growth in males or a rounder face shape for females.

For transitioning people who have already gone through puberty, such as Caitlyn Jenner, hormone therapy often isn’t enough. There are a variety of different plastic surgeries available to help a person better reflect his or her gender. Here are the 5 most significant procedures Caitlyn likely had done to help her be herself.

Jawline Contouring

There is a set of surgical procedures commonly used for facial feminization, and jawline contouring is one of the key components. Jenner likely had her chin made rounder and the back angles of her jaw, which tend to be more squared off in men, smoothed out to give her a more sweeping and gradual contour from her ear to her chin. Caitlyn’s new jawline has had a huge effect on her overall look and helped give her that softer, distinctly more feminine appearance she desired.

Brow Lift

Men tend to have more prominent and lower eyebrows, while women usually have larger, more open eyes. A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can help lift the upper region of the face to give someone that youthful and more inviting appearance common to women. According to Staten Island surgeon Dr. Louis Cutolo’s website, a brow lift is a type of plastic surgery that can soften forehead lines. This combination of procedures may have helped Caitlyn achieve the rejuvenated appearance that so many have been fawning over.

Cheek Implants

Women tend to have higher, fuller cheeks than men. Cheek implants are often used to help feminize the cheeks by lifting them and giving them more dimension. Looking at Caitlyn before her latest surgery, one can see how her new cheeks help lift her face and give her rounder and more feminine contours toward the outside of her face.


Men often have significantly larger and broader noses than women. To achieve her desired look, Caitlyn most likely had the overall size of her nose reduced while having the tip refined. Her new nose matches her new, softer feminine features and gives balance to her entire face.

Breast Augmentation

While her face seemed to have been the focus of her procedures, Caitlyn’s body also gained some new curves. Breasts are one of the most obvious and distinctly features of a woman, which explains why the American Society of Plastic Surgery® reported that breast augmentation was the most popular surgery in 2014, helping many women feel more feminine. Caitlyn is also reported to have received body contouring through liposuction to provide more feminine curves in other areas, as well.

Caitlyn’s openness and honesty about the transition process has been inspiring and uplifting. She has been an amazing spokeswoman for the transgender community, and I wish her nothing but the best of success in her journey to self-actualization.