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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


Clean your makeup brushes in under 10 minutes!

Cleaning your makeup brushes is like the most daunting task on the planet. I used to put it off for-freaking-ever. I just absolutely hated it. BUT  I now have an awesome little system that makes it easy-peezy and I no longer dread the task. It’s actually something I look forward to. 




THE BRUSH EGG || This will be your hero.
VEGAN SHAMPOO || Super gentle!





STEP ONE || Place the Brush Egg in the palm of your hand.
STEP TWO || Use a dime sized amount of Gnarly Whale Sudsy Shampoo.
STEP THREE || Wet your brush head and rub into Brush Egg until water runs clear
STEP FOUR || Hang to dry.


See? Easy-peezy and literally takes under 10 minutes. I love the little system I have worked out, with the right products you’re good to go. You can check out my original review of the Brush Egg here. Let me know if you try this method out.


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