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Stress Less || Aromafloria


Stress Less  ||  AromafloriaHave you ever wondered if there was a cure all for your stress? I know I often wonder that. I love to do little things just to help me relieve stress and restore my well-being every now and again. I definitely choose from some awesome spa-like products to do it with. The Stress Less collection from Aromafloria is a blend of essential oils that include lavender, chamomile and sage to help calm your mind while soothing your skin.

Stress Less Aromafloria Body Polish

Need to get rid of some dry skin? Stress Less Foaming Salt Glow Body Polish is for you. I am loving this because it’s such a gentle exfoliation. Usually when I use a body scrub my skin tends to stay a bit red for a few hours because they’re a bit harsh. This one is so gentle that my skin is always left feeling softer and no redness.

Stress Less Bubble Bath

The best thing for me when I am stressed is a nice hot bubble bath. The subtle scent of lavender really helps me to relax. This bubble bath will gently cleanse and condition the skin. Stress Less Bubble Bath combines the gentle power of 100% Plant based ingredients to provide gentle cleansing that is mild and not drying to the skin. pH balanced to sooth itchy skin and provide the most relaxing soak.

Stress Less Aromafloria Massage Oil

Something better for less stress? A massage oil. This one is perfect and the scent is the same as the others. Gently rub away stress and tension.

Stress Less Aromafloria Inhalation Beads

These little bits were what I was most excited about. Inhaltion beads may be my new favorite thing. The relaxing and soothing properties of essential oils have been known to help promote and preserve tranquility while maintaining and alert, sharp mind. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. I looooove them. They’re really helping.


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