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Volume + Color with Keune

Volume + Color with Keune

I am a lover of all things hair. So when given the opportunity to test drive some raved about hair products, I always, always say yes. Today we are chatting about Keune. And we are getting right to the root of what I love in a hair product Volume + Color care!

Keune Care Line Volumizing Shampoo

The absolute volume shampoo is an mild cleansing shampoo that penetrates through the cuticle of the hair making it stronger and thicker by filling gaps in damaged hair. I literally lack volume, it’s never been a trait of mine, I always have to do a little extra something to get the body in my hair that I am always craving. I love big hair so for me, hair lying flat to my head is a no go. I loved that this shampoo added some much needed body straight out of the shower without weighing it down too much.

Keune Care Line Conditioner

I absolutely have to have products geared towards color treated hair. With such a bright pink and red through my hair, I can’t risk one of my products helping this color fade any faster then it would on it’s own. This conditioner is super moisturizing and helps to prevent your color from fading. I loved the added it shine if gave me after each use that lasted for a day or two.

Keune Keratin Volumizer

If you have been around for a little bit you know that I only condition my hair once every two weeks or so. I leave it to leave-ins to give me some much needed moisture. This spray not only conditions but it also takes my fine hair and adds body, volume, shine and protection. Marry me? Please!

Keune Volume Powder

Another favorite of mine is volumizing powder. It’s always worked best for me to get the big Jersey hair that I want. I was super excited to try this one out. I really liked this one because not only does it offer volume but it works sort of in the way you’d expect a hairspray too and gives you the perfect texture to backcomb with. It’s perfect for touch ups and has a matte effect with a dry finish so if you’re on day two hair, you don’t have that greasy look.

Be sure to hang out with some of the ladies below and see what Keune products they tried out and how they got on with them!


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