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Block Island Organics


Skin care doesn't need to be complicated, overly expensive or chemically manufactured. Block Island Organics Skincare + Sunscreen

I’m always such a sucker for packaging and these babies are so pretty. Block Island Organics is a new to me skincare + sunscreen company.

our belief is that good skin care is about good suncare as the sun is the leading cause of skin damage and premature aging.  Skin care doesn’t need to be complicated, overly expensive or chemically manufactured.  We believe that it is our responsibility to educate consumers, provide quality products and simplify the skin care process.

I was excited to get these and try them out. I have an obsession with skincare products. I am always trying out new things when I want to switch up my routine, I switch it up every few months to keep my skin on its toes so to speak. I find that by doing this my skin doesn’t get too used to any one product which allows them to work well.

Skin care doesn't need to be complicated, overly expensive or chemically manufactured. Block Island Organics Skincare + Sunscreen


Both products we are chatting about today are vegan. I love how important safe skin care is to Block Island Organics. The way they talk about their ingredients makes me love them even more.

We believe ingredients matter. Thus, we pledge full disclosure of our ingredients and our reasons for choosing them. We intend to build a brand that can be trusted to consistently create great quality and safe products while keeping in mind affordability. That means sometimes we don’t choose the certified organic ingredient because it would cause us to raise our prices too much. Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible to make our products affordable to as many as possible. The safety of our ingredients is and will always be a top priority. We believe our formulas are the optimal balance of quality, safety, and affordability.

Block Island Organics Facial Cleanser

Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser is rich with vitamins and antioxidants. An organic and natural cleanser that will gently cleanse your face. I like to wet my face a bit and rub the cleanser all over and rinse with luke warm water. I tend to get red after washing my face and this is super gentle and doesn’t cause any redness.

Block Island Night Cream

Organic Revitalizing Night Cream is packed with antioxidants like vitamin C (offers anti-aging benefits) & vitamin E. I love how soft my skin feels after using this. Everyday when I wake up I can tell that I’m still moisturized.

Overall, I was quite pleased with both of these Block Island Organics products. Use the code “angelap” for a 15% off code from Sat Aug 15 through Fri Aug 21.

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