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Keep Calm and Lip Balm

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rimmel with Lunchbox

Keep Calm and Lip Balm

For years now, one of the things that is always, always, always in my bag is lip balm. I am a hoarder of all lip products but lip balms are my absolute favorite. My bag is always a fun thing to dig through and I have some must have products that I always carry with me in addition to lip balm. So I thought it would fun to share my top five must haves for your bag with you all.

1. Clear Nail Polish – You never know when you’re going to have to touch up a mani or save a run in your stocking. 

2. Hairspray – Who knows how your hair is going to act through the day, hairspray can be your life saver and also double as a decent stain remover. 

Keep Calm and Lip Balm

3. Lip Balm – Dry or chapped lips are a pretty regular occurrence for me so obviously lip balm is always in the bag. 

4. Cleansing Wipes – Just in case you need to do a little clean up on your face! 

5. Mascara – I feel like for me, mascara always makes me look more awake and put together. I keep it in my bag just in case I need to look awake and like I have my life together 😉

Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm


I almost always reach for things that are pink and pretty. So it should come as no surprise that so far my favorite of this fabulous bunch of Rimmel Lip Balms is Keep Calm & Kiss

Keep Calm and Lip Balm

I immediately fell in love with how pretty the packaging was on all of these lip balms but this particular one is my spirit animal.

Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm

I’m definitely obsessed with the packaging, all the super fun colors make these even more fab to toss in my bag. Rimmel Keep Calm and Lip Balm feature a touch of color for a just-bitten effect, together with the protection, care and moisturizing power of a balm. Its enriched formula with moisturizing oils calms, softens and protects your lips. Rimmel’s KCLB is a fun and edgy alternative to other tinted lip balms and is sold exclusively and Walmart at a great price point ($2.50 each).


The best part is if you head over to the Keep Calm and Lip Balm page you can grab a coupon! Fun, right? That’s my favorite part of shopping, coupons!


Be sure to follow along and share What’s In Your Bag with the #KeepCalmLipBalm hashtag so I can see what is in everyone’s bags!

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