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REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of REACH® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse

We all want to smile brighter, right? I know for me a bright smile makes me feel even more confident about life in general. The new REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse offers 8-in-1 benefits as well as the most important thing to make me smile, less counter clutter. This super unique design is unlike any I have ever seen. The cup sits right up top and it even comes with a pretty nifty toothbrush holder.

REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse

I am a huge fan of the pump top that goes directly into the cup for the perfect amount. The 8-in-1 rinse kills bad breath germs, helps prevent gingivitis, reduces plaque, fights tartar build-up, freshens breath and cleans the whole mouth but foaming between the teeth with no burn of alcohol. All while tasting great. There is no other mouth wash on the market that offers all of this.

The no-mess pump and complementary dosage cup guide users towards dispensing the correct amount of liquid and make rinse residue and splatter a thing of the past. A round of applause because this made my whole entire day.

REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse

No matter how busy you are or how tired you are at the end of the night REACH® Complete Care™ products keep proper oral care all within REACH, literally. It ensure you to have a bright and healthy smile by making it super easy for you and not adding more of a mess into your routine.

REACH® Complete Care™ Rinse

My absolute favorite part of the REACH® Complete Care™ Mouth Rinse is the toothbrush holder, keep the head of the toothbrush away from any and all countertop bacteria. It doesn’t get any cooler then this. I’m also a fan of the toothbrush I’ve been using.

The REACH® Complete Care™ CURVE Tooth brush has a 13° triple angled neck and triple angled bristles to maximize contact with each tooth and help clean between teeth and around the gum line.

The REACH® Complete Care™ CURVE Tooth brush has a 13° triple angled neck and triple angled bristles to maximize contact with each tooth and help clean between teeth and around the gum line. It’s one of the best tooth brushes I’ve tried and I’ve already grabbed a few packs to stock up on.

The REACH® Complete Care™ Mouth Rinse was a game changer for my smile and my countertops!

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