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7 Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

7 Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra #WomenWhoDoAt this point I’ve been wearing a bra for more of my life then I haven’t. I won’t go into the amount of years and age myself but I can say that my quest to finding the perfect bra has been ongoing for quite some time. I remember shopping in my preteen years for a training bra and that lasted a month or so before I needed an actual big girl bra. I had no idea what a bra fitting was back then and I think my mom and I just pretty much guessed at a size. The first time I had an actual fitting, was my first year of college and as far as I can remember I guess it went pretty well. I just always remember having that “YES, my bra is finally off!” moment for years and years… Did you know that’s not actually a good thing? In fact, it’s a probably a sign that your bra doesn’t fit. Imagine a world where you wear your bra all day and don’t have that feeling. Enter Vanity Fair.

7 Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra #WomenWhoDo

I told y’all last month about my trip to New York City with Vanity Fair and while there I learned a lot. I learned that I wasn’t even close to being in the right bra size. 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. SO chances are if you’re reading this post there is a very good chance that you may or may not be in a properly fitted bra. You don’t have to be though, on top of everything I learned about Vanity Fair and their products, I also learned some amazing tips to help you find the perfect bra.

  • THE 2 FINGER TEST: Slip 2 fingers underneath the straps of your bra as well as the band. You should be able to do this without stretching out the straps or material.
  • CENTER HOOK: So most of us think that if we wear the bra hooked onto the last hook that we are preserving the life of our bra because when it gets a bit worn in we can switch to the middle and end, yeah? At least I did. Well how wrong are we. The key to the perfect bra fit is a center hook fit. Since switching to this, I’ve been SO comfortable.
    • BONUS TIP: When the bra does get worn out, toss it. We should be investing in 3 to 5 bras a year.
  • FULL CUPS: You should be in a cup size that you fill.  When trying on a new bra possibility, make sure there’s no gaps, folding or any overflow.
  • BE LIFTED: Stand in front of the mirror, put your arms at your side and take a look. Your breasts should be between your shoulders and elbows.
  • TOP TEST: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just ran into the store, grabbed a bra and just left. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Do not buy a bra without trying it on with a shirt first. Make sure it looks good in a top. I prefer to do it with a fitted tee to make sure I’m comfortable. Life changing, people. I swear.
  • BE ONE WITH THE BAND: Be sure that the center of your bra is actually against your chest. If there is any space, it’s not fitted properly and your band is too loose.
  • LOSE THAT “BRAS OFF” MOMENT: Come over to where the grass is actually greener. Are you actually comfortable? Take a minute to really move around in it, bend over, lift your arms up. It should feel like butter. If you’re comfortable, wearing a bra is no longer a chore, it’s a pleasure.

7 Tips To Finding The Perfect Bra #WomenWhoDo

I owe my new found comfort to Vanity Fair, they armed me with all of the information I needed to go into a fitting and really find a bra that rocks. I am absolutely obsessed with the style I chose. I went with the Beauty Back with Lace, Full Figure. It’s magic. The Beauty Back provides smoothing and shaping that is unmatched in my bra world. It’s perfect for every occasion. Over the last month I’ve worn mine with everything from a t-shirt to a formal dress and I was never once uncomfortable. It’s definitely my go-to, available in eight on-trend colors and sizes ranging from 36-42 C/D/DD. My favorite part is the lace, it’s that little piece of elegance Vanity Fair adds to make me feel a little more stylish.

I’ve found the perfect bra and over the next few months I’m hoping to share with you all everything you need to find yours too. Hopefully these tips will help you get started. Vanity Fair’s styles are modern and more importantly practical and stylish. The brand is inspired by its customers’ needs, they want to provide women with confidence all day long. Everything is on-trend with what’s on the runway each season. Vanity Fair bras are available at retailers nationwide including Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney and Sears. They’re all super affordable retailing for about $40 and panties typically retail around $9 for one pair.

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  • Oh yeah, I definitely live in the land of ill-fitting-bras. I just haven’t wanted to take any monies away from my usual budget to attempt to find one that fits, so I live in a 10+ year old sports bra and put on the death-grip bra when I need to go out. I REALLY need to get a new bra that fits!

  • OMG these are such great tips. I totally needed these the other day when I was bra shopping. I got fitted for a bra recently and holy WOW the difference it makes when it fits right! And now I need to run to Macy’s and check these out because the price is awesome compared to the $150 I spent on one. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  • I went for a bra fitting a year or two ago and what an honest relief it made in bra shopping for me! I remember snatching up about 4 new bras that day. That never happens! Great tips!

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