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Frizz Fighting 101




So I’m a little late to the party but for the third year running, legendary hair care brand Alberto VO5, trusted by consumers for 60 years, has declared August “National Anti-Frizz Month,” with a mission to help women fight frizz during the dog days with easy-to-follow frizz fighting advice, and savings on frizz-taming products accessible through the brand’s website and social media channels. Known for its Five Essential Vitamin formula and outstanding value, VO5 continues to make strides in the fight against frizz with new, innovative products that make it easier than ever for women to manage unruly hair. But as we all know frizz doesn’t stay in August… it’s definitely followed me right into September so I feel like this is still relevant.

According to a recent survey by VO5, frizz is among women’s leading beauty challenges, with 62% of American women identifying frizzy hair as their most dreaded hair malfunction.  So how do these women deal with frizz? According to VO5’s latest nationwide poll, 43% straighten their hair, while 39% get around frizz with creative up-dos.

Born-in-Hollywood and celebrating its 60th birthday this year, Alberto VO5 has developed an easy, three-step frizz-fighting regimen, spanning a once-weekly pre-shampoo treatment to daily maintenance:

VO5 Hot Oil TherapyHot Oil Treatment (1x/week): Once a week moisturize and condition hair before shampooing from roots to ends with VO5’s iconic Hot Oil Therapy treatment which helps restore shine, strength and silky softness.

VO5 Hot Oil Therapy

This stuff is my jam. Since I chemically treat my hair, use hot tools and live somewhere that humidity is trying to kill me I definitely need a conditioning treatment. This leaves my hair super shiny and kind of restores the integrity that color treating takes out of it.

VO5 Shampoo and ConditionerSmooth + Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner (3x-7x/week): Formulated with a unique smoothing complex that helps manage unruly hair, use the shampoo and conditioner together for best results in helping eliminate frizz, pronto!

I’ve been using these to control my frizz and the whole process as a whole has really gotten my frizz to behave on it’s own.

VO5 Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil

Shine, Glow and Go Beauty Oil (7x/week): Light, natural oil blend for both hair and body. This new innovative oil that’s mineral oil-free, quickly helps replenish dry hair and skin to help you feel soft, silky and look radiant.

What I love most about this little gem is that you can use it for both hair and body. You’re left with a radiant glow. And this smells absolutely divine. I love, love, love it.

This 3-step process is definitely a way to step your game up and if you’re looking to get rid of frizz, I’ve got a giveaway for you! Comment below and tell me why you’re exciting to try this process.

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