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Kismet Liquid Lipstick


Kismet Liquid Lipstick

Lipstick is always a girls best friend. And guess what? There are some new ones on the scene. Kismet Liquid Lipstick is about to be a must have in your lippie collection. Kismet is a new to me brand so I figured I would let them share a little bit more about themselves before we jump into the review.

It takes the right accessories to pull together fabulous outfits, yet sometimes cosmetics become more of an afterthought  after getting dressed rather than the crowning finishing touch.

Kismet™ Cosmetics, a boutique brand featuring vibrant lipsticks and nail polishes, was created with the premise that makeup is an accessory as important to an outfit as the right heels, purse and jewelry.  In fact, the brand’s founder pays meticulous attention to color and fashion trends to ensure women will always have the perfect look for a night on the town or simply to head out the door to run errands.

“Fashion is truly a head-to-toe endeavor,” Kismet founder Caitlin Picou said.  “I created Kismet because I wanted to have a product line that would enable women to think differently about beauty products –moving beyond the idea that they’re just a minor finishing touch and more so an essential accessory to complete their vision of their entire outfit.”

Kismet Liquid Lipstick

All Kismet lipsticks are paraben, talc, lanolin and gluten free. Kismet will debut a line of liquid lipsticks in its fall/winter 2015 collection. And these are two of them and absolutely gorgeous. I’ve got Elope and On Point and I’m loving them.

Kismet Liquid Lipstick

Aren’t they pretty? I love that they’re in lip gloss like tubes but they apply like lipstick. They’re pigmented and beautiful.

Kismet Liquid Lipstick

Elope – “Customers were looking for a good nude; a shade that’s easy to wear. So, I created our semi-matte Naked Gypsy.  It’s a bit too light for some, so Elope has more brown and pink hues.” This is legit my new favorite shade of lipstick. 

On Point – “This came about because I wanted to add the perfect fall pink to my line. On Point has a few orchid and nude undertones to keep it on the fall side, but it’s still colorful enough to wear year around.” So when you think of fall you don’t usually grab for pinks but I like what they did here. It is just vampy enough to make it fall-like. 

Picou said the Succulent Collection will provide the crowning touch to women’s outfits this fall because “fashion is head to toe, and cosmetics are accessories just as essential to completing an outfit as the right shoes.” For more information, please visit KismetCosmetics.comKismet is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


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