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Tara Smith Haircare

Tara Smith Rock On Hard Gel

The Tara Smith Haircare products and information have been provided by Tara Smith Haircare, but all opinions are my own.

Has anyone been introduced to Tara Smith Haircare products? I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out some of their products and chat with Tara Smith herself. I thought it would be fun to share the Tara Smith line and her responses to some of my need to know questions.  Each Tara Smith Haircare product in the refreshingly-packaged line is identified by a unique bird, capturing the inclusive nature of the brand – with styling products for every hair style and shampoos and conditioners for each hair type. The packaging is to die for.

Tara Smith Feed The Root

See what I mean about the packaging? Freaking gorgeous. The Feed The Root line fortifies hair at the root to promote volume, shine and strength.  This duo is what I have been using and loving. I’m always looking for something that has a little bit of oomph to it and will provide some much needed volume without me having to add a ton of styling products.

The first question I asked Tara Smith, What is the easiest way for someone with not a lot of time in the morning and thin/flat hair to get volume?

If you are running low on time in the morning, grab a hairdryer and massage roots with your fingers to wake the hair up. Apply some Brilliant Thickening Cream and flip head over to continue to work that in which will increase the volume by 110% with one application!  This will create amazing volume and definition and will only take minutes.

Tara Smith Brilliant Thickening Cream

So cute, right? I’ve always been a sucker for packaging and this really just gets me. The Brilliant Thickening Cream is a super lightweight leave in cream that provides instant lift and definition. I’ve been using it just how Tara said and I’m really enjoying this product. It’s definitely given me lift and some of that bounce that kind of lacks in my hair already. It’s hard to keep any sort of lift or volume in this humidity so I’m happy to have a little pick me up.

The next question I asked, How often should we really be washing our hair?

If you use Tara Smith daily, you can be confident your hair won’t be stripped- rather, it will enhance your natural oils and keep hair beautifully healthy! As long as your products are natural and free of toxins, you can wash your hair everyday if you wanted to! Without sulfates or harmful silicones, natural products allow for botanicals to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and fully nourish hair.

Tara Smith Gorgeously Gentle

I think the Tara Smith Gorgeously Gentle shampoo and conditioner would be good for everyday use. Gently cleanses and relieves scalp irritation, while locking in moisture and adding strength and luster to dull hair. I usually got 3-4 days between washes but if you’re someone who likes to shampoo daily I would think that this duo would be perfect for you.

Tara Smith Shine On

 Are you lacking shine? Come get you some of this. Tara Smith Shine On shampoo and conditioner, nourishes and repairs dry, damaged and color-treated tresses, restoring shine and sparkle. Everyone wants to sparkle. This bird is my life. I can’t get over the packaging. I’m saving the bottle when I’m done and displaying them forever and ever.

Tara Smith Working Curls

Tara Smith Working Curls Shampoo and Conditioner hydrates, enhances softness, tames texture, defines and adds shine to curly hair. I don’t have curly hair so I passed this along to a friend and she has been loving it. She said her natural curls are looking better than ever.
Tara Smith Shining Glosser

The Tara Smith Shining Moment Glosser is a pretty cool product. A shine-enhancing finishing spray that diffuses light and fights free radicals to show off your hair’s dimension and color.

Tara Smith Rock On Hard Gel

This is something that I don’t really use so I gave it to my husband and while he isn’t super excited about the packaging like myself he sure does love the product. He likes a gel with a lot of hold and staying power so the powerful styling aid that provides perfect control without the stiffness of a typical hair gel is perfect for him.

And for my last question, I asked Tara for the best hair tip that she always follows.

When brushing your hair, never start from the top and go to the bottom. Believe it or not, you’re breaking your hair that way. Always start at the tips, comb all the way through and work your way up to the top of your head. This will keep hair much healthier and less damaged.

All products are vegan and ethical, cruelty and gluten-free and are allergy and dermatologist tested. They’re also free from parabens, SLES, glycols, phthalates, PEGS, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances or animal derivatives. Tara Smith Haircare products can be purchased on or

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