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Tips For Straight Hair

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Wash your hair often they said, it’ll be fine they said. Grab some mouse and apply it to your roots they said, it’ll give you volume they said. WRONG. I have been given so many tips over the years of products and techniques but the truth is most times it’s coming from my gal pals who have thick, luscious locks. These tips just don’t work for me, my hair is super fine and completely flat. I need a little help in the volume and styling department. So I am going to give you some of the tips and tricks that work for me. From one straight haired girl to another.

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  • Instead of washing your hair every day, give it a break and only do it every 3-4 days. I am constantly rocking 4 day hair and the biggest trick is getting the grease to stay at bay.

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A few products that will really help give you a refresh when needed to get rid of oil, a bit of conditioning and some much needed texture for fine hair.

  • CHI Dry Shampoo: A dry cleansing spray composed of a waterless formula that absorbs excessive oil
    and rejuvenates the scalp between shampooing while preparing it to be styled at any given time. Without the use of water, spray the dry shampoo directly onto the roots of dry hair and massage in scalp and style as desired.
  • CHI Dry Conditioner: A dry conditioning spray composed of a waterless formula used to condition hair
    ultimately providing radiant shine. Without rinsing, spray the dry conditioner from mid hair to ends and style as desired.
  • CHI Texturizing Spray: A flexible hold texture spray used to add texture and body to hair without
    weighing it down. Shake can and spray where texture and control is needed.


  • When you do wash your hair, only condition from the middle of the hair shaft to the ends. Putting conditioner directly onto your roots is going to cause your hair to get oily and greasy looking quicker.


  • We already have shapeless and lifeless hair being that it’s so fine. Sleeping on wet hair will make this worse and give you crazy kinks and it doesn’t just bounce back to life. If you do sleep on it, a straightener is going to be the only option.

Tips for Straight Hair Tips for Straight Hair

  • CHI Tropical Splash 1″ Iron has tourmaline ceramic plates and a ceramic heater that produces far infrared that penetrates hair from the inside out while negative ions add moisture and shine.


  • Play with different products, apply them to your roots or through your hair to see if you can get a nice root lift and some texture in your hair to give you a more full look.

8 Tips for Straight Hair

  • CHI Reworkable Taffy: A non-sticky taffy used to effectively alter and redefine a multitude of styles with
    optimal definition and texture while providing a strong hold and medium shine. Place small amount on hands and distribute through hair as desired.
  • CHI Finishing Pomade: A light hold, finishing pomade used to control fly-a-ways and eliminate frizz while
    providing high shine to achieve a well-polished look. For achieving definition, apply small portion of pomade on damp hair. To maintain frizz, apply small portion on dry hair.


  • CHI Spray Wax: A pliable, hold spray wax used to create textured looks while maintaining flexible and touchable strands. Shake can and spray where texture and control is needed.

Tips for Straight Hair

  • CHI Styling Cream Gel: A workable styling cream with a non- flaking formula used for the purpose of
    creating sleek, smooth styles to eliminate frizz and provide luminous shine. Distribute desired amount evenly throughout damp hair.

I thoroughly enjoyed the CHI Styling Line Extension, a multi-use product line enriched with silk and ceramic to bolster hair vitality and offer style versatility. Go get you some!


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