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Holiday Nails Three Ways

Holiday Nails Three Ways

Easy to do manicures just for you!

I love, love, love holiday parties. One of my favorite things to do to get ready is my nails. Usually from November through March chances are I’m wearing some sort of red nail polish because I feel like it just speaks to the season. I’ve come up with a few ways to glam that up for different parties. And they’re easy things that can be done at home.

Holiday Nails Three Ways

One of my absolute favorite reds is Red Pearl by China Glaze. For me this polish, even on its own just screams holiday party. I love the underlying shimmer and pearl-like finish that it has, so I am definitely in the school of thought that if you’re just wanting to go with something a bit more glam but not wanting to do too much, this red by itself is enough to glam up your everyday look and get you ready for that holiday party.

Holiday Nails 3 Ways

Another fun way to glam up a nail look is glitter. Glitter is pretty much my love language. My Voice Is A Little Norse from OPI is a glitter lover’s dream polish.


It’s got really fine silver glitter pieces and just enough holographic pieces to make it really pop. I went with this over the top red as an accent nail for my second look but you could totally put it over each nail if you wanted.

Holiday Nails Three Ways

We’ve chatted a lot in the past about how I can just hang out in Sally Beauty and stare at the Nail Wall forever and ever. One of the things I purchase the most are striper tools. I love these types of polish because it really makes nail art for beginners so easy.


This time I’m using Hip Hip Hue-Ray from FingerPaints to give my nails a bit of a candy cane effect and this is my favorite while still keeping the accent nail.

Holiday Nails 3 Ways

After moving and opening, closing and carrying all of those boxes during the move my nails are in bad shape so I am definitely trying to get them back to the way I love them instead of these short little nubs but I was happy that I could still really glam them up even as short as they are because these nail looks are so simple. The candy cane effect with the FingerPaints polish was a clear favorite for me and a look that I’ll be wearing for sure. Be sure to head to Sally Beauty for all of your holiday nail supplies!

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