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Plant-Based Water Bottle

Dasani Plant-Based Water Bottle

Dasani Plant-Based Water BottleThis post is sponsored by Dasani & The Coca-Cola Company.

I think we all want to be easier on the environment, yeah? I know for me I try to do little things in my daily life to make my footprint a bit smaller. There are simple things you can do in your everyday life that will help you be a bit kinder to the environment. For me, one of those things is only buying Dasani Plant Bottle’s. I drink a ton of water each day. This was an easy decision for me when I go to pick up the water I need for the week. Dasani has been my go-to brand for quite awhile. I want to share some tips with y’all on ways to trick yourself into drinking more water and a bit about these fab green cap bottles!

Dasani Plant-Based Water Bottle

Dasani’s green-capped, plant-based water bottle is composed of 30% plant materials. One of the things that I love about this bottle is that it’s comprised of environmentally-friendly, plant-based ingredients. I think that is super cool. Dasani is taking steps to reduce its impact on the planet with this redesigned innovative bottle design.

PlantBottle® packaging is made from up to 30% plant-based material that replaces some of the non-renewable petroleum or fossil-based resources used in conventional PET plastic.

It doesn’t hurt that these bottles are super cute, so it definitely helps me get my water in. That is one of my biggest tips to get yourself to drink more water. A decent bottle. This definitely helps on two accounts, helping out the environment and giving me a reason to drink.

Dasani Plant-Based Water Bottle

The bottle is still designed to be 100% recyclable, it helps save our world’s precious resources. Dasani is on a quest to help design a future where every plastic bottle is made from materials that are 100% renewable as well as recyclable.

Dasani Plant-Based Water Bottle

There are other ways that I trick myself into drinking more water, I come up with little milestones like “Hit my water goal for 30 days & get a lipstick” in order to make drinking it a little bit more worthwhile. SO when I go to grab my Dasani Green Cap bottles I scout out the beauty aisles to see what will be next on my list. Adding a few slices of fruit to your water can help as well. I make it fun and I get excited to buy this water because I feel like I’m doing my part.

PlantBottle® packaging is available in all DASANI® package sizes throughout the U.S.

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