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Surviving The Day After

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What do you do with stress? I tend to bottle it all up and it sits right in the back of my neck and my shoulders. Since early November, I have been working long days that lead into late nights. The deadlines are quick and sometimes it brings the stress on full force. When I get stressed out, not only do I take it on physically but emotionally as well. I tend to forget to take care of myself. I think that’s something  a lot of us do, yeah? We try to be warriors. And we forget for a minute that we need to take care of ourselves. Because stress.


Because moments happen every day. I know for me, it’s something that happens a lot during my day. Whether I have a to-do list a mile long, forgot to defrost the meat for dinner, or leaving the umbrella home when it starts to pour, life can be tough sometimes and throw us some curve balls. Our body works so hard for us, carries the weight of our days and Massage Envy wants to help take care of you through every ache, pain and stress.

When the stress gets to be too much and the aches start to take over, I know that it’s time for a massage. Massage Envy is one of my favorite places. When we moved, I was a little upset that we didn’t have one closer but a few months back they opened a new one and I literally did a happy dance.

Massage Envy is all about total body care. They believe that its an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey. And so do I. What is Total Body Care? Total Body Care is where we pause during the daily grind to check-in and tune up. My Massage Envy appointments are definitely my time to pause. To relieve all of the stress that’s been building up.

One of my favorite parts is that they tailor my appointments to fit my ever growing crazy schedule. That right there alleviates some stress. I also love they they care about their clients and go above and beyond to make sure they’re helping manage my total body care. It shouldn’t be a luxury to treat our bodies well. It’s something we should do to better care for ourselves.

Regular scheduled massages have become a part of my routine. Massage Envy helps me relieve the stress of my daily life. And get through all of those because moments.

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