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The Perfect Holiday Look

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair Lingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

This season is getting so busy for me, I’m already jotting down quite a few holiday parties in my planner. For me, that’s usually something that brings me joy. What am I gonna do for makeup? How will I do my hair? What outfit will I choose? All of these things have me totally looking forward to the upcoming season. I wanted to share with y’all how I plan the perfect holiday look.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

A lot of thought goes into planning a holiday look and I work better from the inside out. What is the foundation of a woman’s outfit? What do you start with that will help create the base of your holiday look and keep you confident through your entire event? For me, and for most women, it’s our lingerie. When I’m wearing a bra that fits well (check out my tips on how to get the perfect fit) and highlights my shape, I exude confidence. Wearing an ill fitting undergarment can leave you stressed out the entire  night, if you’re having to pull it up and mess with it, you’re not truly going to enjoy your holiday festivities.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

I’m starting my perfect holiday look with Vanity Fair’s new Flattering Lift Collection, this collection launched this fall and I am loving it. With this bra, you’re getting a natural lift, so it’s helping to enhance your body’s shape. I feel like that’s the perfect foundation to keep me confident and uplifted as well as actually enjoying my holiday get together. The bra has a “bump-pad” which feels completely natural and doesn’t cause any tugging or moving while you’re wearing it. So you get a little bit of lift and it really helps pull the outfit together.

The bra features a natural-feeling “bump pad” to add a slight boost and gentle lift to your natural beauty.

Once I have my foundation taken care of, I choose a dress. This cute polka dot number is one of my very favorites. When I wear it with the Flattering Lift bra, I’m getting support and a smooth silhouette. Everything comes together nicely. Which means it’s time to add some accessories. I decided to let the dress speak for me so everything else is a bit understated and for earrings I’m going with some cute studs.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

I went with gold, so I wanted to tie the scarf in to the outfit with the polka dots. I was lucky enough to find one with gold polka dots that goes perfectly. Just one bracelet for this look, a giant cuff.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

This entire look is about comfort and confidence. Vanity Fair helps to keep me looking and feeling my best so I knew if I paired it with super high heels I would be miserable the entire night. I chose to go with cute wedges that have some gold hardware to match the look.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday LookHow to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

The long necklace is my finishing on the perfect holiday look. I didn’t want to let this post go by without mentioning the style of the bra I’m wearing.

How to plan The Perfect Holiday Look

This lace is super chic. I am loving it. And even with the lace this Flattering Lift bra is still super smooth under your clothes, I’ve actually rocked it with a t-shirt quite a few times and been completely comfortable. It was love at first lift. You can get one for yourself right here and have the perfect foundation to start your holiday look!

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