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Winter Hair Tips & Tricks


When harsh winter weather hits it can be make or break for our hair. Every November I start to take stock of my hair products and make a list of everything I need to grab to keep my hair looking and feeling fabulous through the season. Especially for all of the upcoming holiday parties. I want to be able to keep it fresh and styled without it falling flat and being too dried out, which is what happens to my every  day hair in the winter months.  Everything I use during the summer months really doesn’t cut it when the seasons change, and just as you change out your wardrobe you’ll want to switch up your hair products too. This way, when it comes to glamming up your everyday look for a special occasion or holiday party you’ll be good to go.

Before Winter Hair Prep

A good hair day starts in the shower, you want to make sure you’re washing and conditioning with the best possible products for your hair. Since I’m currently rocking a light lavender and violet shade I went with Quantum Perfect Plums.

Winter Hair Tips & Tricks

This particular shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair moisturized and also keeps my color looking fresh. I definitely don’t want to attend any holiday parties with faded hair.

Winter Hair Tips & Tricks

Next up is style, instead of my normal everyday straight hair I wanted to add a bit of volume and a little side braid for my holiday party look. Biotera Ultra Thick And Full InstaPlump Leave-In Treatment is perfect to spritz on damp hair for instant volume.

Winter Hair Care Tips & Tricks

Winter Hair Tips & Tricks

You should be using a heat protectant all the time but especially in the winter to help protect your hair while using styling tools, I’m obsessing over BTZ Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray. Just spritz a little on before you’re going to apply heat. To dry and plump my hair today I’m using the Jilbere Ceramic Tools 1000W Hot Air Brush, I love the volume I get right at the root when I use this. I have thin hair so for me this dries, straightens and volumizes my hair all in one shot.

Winter Hair Tips & Tricks

Winter Hair Tips & TricksOnce my hair is straight and dry, I just do a simple braid on the side and pin it at the back of my head and take a tiny bit of BTZ Smooth Criminal balm, which is technically a blowout balm but can multi task to keep your braid frizz free and smooth, and I just rub a tiny bit on my fingers and apply it to the braid. To finish it off, I use ION Color Defense Hydrolac Hair Spray.

Winter Hair Tips & Tricks

There you have it, a simple and easy holiday hair look that just enhances what you’re already doing each day and also you get some tips and tricks to protect your hair in the winter. I’ve also got to give a shout out to this fabulous lipstick, Royal Rum from Palladio is my jam, I’ve been wearing every day for a week, it’s gorgeous. Be sure to head to Sally Beauty for all of your winter-prep hair needs.

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