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How To Treat: Dry Winter Hair

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Can we talk about how crappy winter is? I don’t know many people who even like it. Personally, I’d prefer to skip it. I wish moving somewhere that winter didn’t happen was an option. It wreaks havoc on my skin (check out these tips!) and my hair.

Tips tricks and products to treat dry winter hair blues!

I’ve come up with an easy routine that really helps me keep my hair hydrated during the harsh winter months. It’s full of tips, tricks and fantastic products that will keep your locks looking fabulous.

Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning your hair is one of the most important tips I can give you when it comes time to combat dry winter hair. You need to make sure that your hair is getting enough moisture and then work on retaining that moisture so that your hair will stay hydrated. The Briogee Don’r Despair, Repair! mask is a repairing mask for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Fortified with ultra-hydrating avocado, sweet almond & argan oils, strengthening keratin protein, power-conditioning rosehip oil, soothing aloe, and super hair-essential vitamins B5, D, A, E and biotin.

Wrap It Up

Wrapping my hair up with a thermal wrap while using my deep conditioning mask is something I just started doing last year. I have loved every minute of it. I feel like the heat really helps best with activating the mask you’re wearing and really helping the products absorb into your hair and retain that much needed moisture while also repairing your hair. I use the Hair Therapy Wrap For Deep Conditioning & Hydration! You can use it with any hair type or texture. It’s a must have, especially if your hair gets super dry. I also use it when I do an oil treatment.


This is not your average cocktail. The Beyond The Zone Protein Cocktail is my jam. Our hair needs protein, especially when it’s chemically treated or super dry. The protein helps get you moisturized and I love this spritz because you can use it often and it comes in handy if you don’t have time to do multiple protein treatments. You can also continue use into the summer months after a day in the sun or by the pool. It will help you restore and manage brittle hair without weighing it down. Happy Hour for your hair! You put your hair through the ringer with styling and sun exposure. Take a shot of Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 to revive that damaged hair. Beyond The Zone Protein Cocktail is a leave-in treatment that detangles hair so it won’t break and split when combing or brushing.

Leave-In Treatment

A leave-in treatment is really a must have for everyone but especially important for those of us with dry winter hair. I’ve been trying out the Wella Luxe Oil Keratin Boost Leave-In Conditioning Spray and really enjoying it. It keeps my hair from getting tangled and also keeps it looking hydrated for a few days between washes after I use it on freshly washed, damp hair. Infuses into the hair to reconstruct and strengthens the keratin. Builds resistance for weak hair. **FREE Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil 10 oz. with any $25 Wella purchase (offer valid 11/29/15-12/24/15 or while supplies last)

Add Some Oil

If you gain nothing else from this article, just know that this product is literally the best thing ever created in life. When my hair is super dry, I need to add an oil to it. To tame the frizz, to add shine and to keep it looking way more hydrated then it actually is. The Redken Diamond Oil does all of that and more. Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry is Instant shine and reflection with heat responsive technology. Ultra-lightweight and airy. Reduces blow dry time.The one and only oil you need for care and style. As part of your care routine, apply on damp hair before every blow-dry. May re-apply on dry hair to finish and enhance.

Save Some Cash

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