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Winter Personal Care Essentials

Winter Personal Care Essentials at Sam's Club

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When the seasons change our beauty routine needs to change with it. Products that may work great for us during the warmer summer months aren’t necessarily going to be the same sort of rockstars come winter. I’m partnering with Sam’s Club to share my Winter Personal Care Essentials. Everything you will need to get you through the harsh cold winter ahead. Sam’s Club makes it easy for members to stock up, prepare and prevent & each item is a winter must-have for me and for you, to help you feel your best.
Winter Ready Beauty Routine

With winter comes dry skin and chapped lips. There are a few ways to conquer these and make sure that your skin and lips are smooth all season long. That’s why I shop at Sam’s Club, because I can buy in bulk. And make sure not only myself but my family is prepared through the whole season. I also like to donate little care packages to one of our local women shelters so when I buy in bulk I do it with the mindset that I’m getting enough for my household plus some extras that I can give away.

Dove Winter Care Body Wash

In the winter, the shower is actually the place that you could be going wrong and setting your skin up for dryness. I grabbed Dove Winter Care Body Wash because you get softer, smoother skin after just one shower. While a steaming hot shower may be enticing after being out in the cold winter air opt for a luke warm shower and keep it under 15 minutes so that you’re allowing your skin to retain moisture. I love that these come in three packs, three is just what I need to get me through the season so I picked up two of the three packs so that I could also donate a set.

Curel Ultra Healing

I like to moisturize as soon as I get out of the shower while my skin is still a bit wet. This will help keep your skin super hydrated and prevent it from drying it out. If you are already battling dry skin, the Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Lotion was made for you. This is stuff is my go to product for whenever I am feeling extra dry. The three pack comes with the two 20oz bottles plus an extra 6 oz. I keep one of the bigger lotions in the bathroom cabinet and the smaller one in my bedside table and I put the additional lotion into the box for the women.s shelter.


I think the main reason I buy Chapstick in bulk from Sam’s Club is because no matter what I do I can never finish a tube. It’s like a little chapstick elf comes along and steals it to live on the island of socks and bobbi pins. This pack was perfect because it was a variety pack so I grabbed my favorites and kept 4 for home and tossed the rest into the donation box.

Jergens Ultra Healing

In addition to moisturizing right after I get out of the shower I also moisturize in the morning before getting dressed and through the day if I need too. I put the tiniest of the package in my purse and I keep a larger one on my desk. I am constantly battling dry skin, especially in the winter, so the Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer really helps me stay moisturized.

Winter Personal Care Essentials at Sam's ClubSam’s Club is my favorite place to stock up on winter personal care items. A club pack can last all season long and then some, that’s why I shop there whenever I can because I feel like not only do I get an affordable deal for myself but it also allows me to give back. And while these particular items are what I add to my winter beauty routine, it doesn’t end there, Sam’s Club offers tons of items that will help with all sorts of winter personal care needs. Dry skin to fighting the flu, they’ve got a club pack for you. And you’re really getting the best value at Sam’s Club rather then buying the products individually from another retailer.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club.
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