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6 Active Valentine’s Day Ideas

6 Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Secret Clinical Strength®
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What do you do for Valentine’s Day? We like to change things up every year, and I thought that this year it would be fun to break up the norm, step outside the box, and since Valentine’s Day is over a weekend we could make an entire day out of it. And since fitness has been one of our biggest priorities, what better than an active date day? I’m going to share 6 Active Valentine’s Day Ideas with you and how I keep it dry and fresh with Secret Clinical Strength®.

6 Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Secret Clinical Strength®

  1. COUPLES YOGA: Sign up for a couples yoga class. This can be a fun way to reconnect, do some meditation and get in a workout as well.
  2. GET OUTDOORS: Go for a hike, do some rock climbing, or go for a long run in a new space. Any of these activities are sure to bring on the sweat, so make sure you’re grabbing your Secret Clinical Strength® with its Adapts & Responds Technology that senses your sweat levels throughout the day, adapting the level of protection, and helps to stop odor before it starts. Nobody wants a smelly date! 
  3. TAKE A DANCE CLASS: Step outside the box and sign up for a ballroom dance class. This could be a fun way to learn something new with one another while also getting in a workout.
  4. TRY SOMETHING NEW: Cities are building indoor trampoline and jump parks all over. Get your bounce on, find a trampoline place near your and let your inner child out.
  5. GO SKIING: Find a close by ski resort and hit the slopes. Get in a snowball fight, have some fun. Make a whole trip out of it.
  6. COUPLES MASSAGE: Finish all that activity off with a couples massage at your local spa and follow it up with a nice dinner before heading home.

6 Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Secret Clinical Strength®Did you know that heat, activity, and stress can all cause you to sweat, and that stress sweat smells the WORST? That’s because stress sweat comes from a different gland, causing more bacteria and more odor. I want to feel confident during all of these activities. Confident that I am looking and feeling fresh and dry. That’s why I rely on Secret Clinical Strength®. I’m absolutely loving the ooh-la-la-lavender scent.

6 Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Secret Clinical Strength®

One of the best parts about this and the reason I will be relying on it for my Valentine’s Day fun is because it goes on super smooth and doesn’t leave any residue. You don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes so you can keep your date day/night outfit clean and fabulous. Secret Clinical Strength® provides incredible protection, no matter what the day may bring.

6 Active Valentine's Day Date Ideas with Secret Clinical Strength®

Secret Clinical Strength® provides 4X STRESS SWEAT PROTECTION versus the wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant. Making it perfect for any and every activity. Let me know what your Valentine’s Day plans are! 

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